The Ray Of Light That Lifts Us Up

There Are No Creatures On Other Planets A question I received: What is the Light that Reforms, which is supposed to lift us up?

My Answer: It is a force that comes to you as a result of your study and your desire. There is a very thin ray of Light that begins to influence you if you “walk” into it. You and your desires take up the whole sphere, but you must find this narrow ray by moving toward the spiritual goal. Then this Light will begin to influence you, returning you to its Source.

The Light comes out of that very goal, and if you attune yourself precisely to this Light, you will come under its influence. It will begin to shine on you and draw you toward the goal along its ray.

What does this have to do with reading The Zohar and thinking of the unity of souls? This ray takes root precisely in the source of unity – in the collective soul before its breaking, where all the souls are united into one, in Malchut of the World of Infinity. That is why it is so important for you to desire to come under the influence of this Light that Reforms and to feel that you depend on it completely.

In addition, you have to find this ray on your own. It is aimed sharply down from Above, from the World of Infinity, the root of your soul. It spans across all the worlds and reaches all the way into this world, “touching” you. However, it shines from Above only at a specific point in this world, and you have to come to that point by having the right intentions. Only when you find this point will you see that narrow ray of Light shining from Above, and then your soul will ascend along the ray up to its root.

You have to change in order detect this point. In the meantime, the Light is all around you, but you cannot see it. You will only see it if you find a way inside it; therein lies the challenge.

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