Zohar Study Hinges On The Unity Between Us

We Must Only Unite Our Points In the Heart With respect to the spiritual world, we are not divided into smart and dumb. If you were to bring Einstein to Kabbalah, he’d be just as confused as everyone else. Until you acquire the qualities of the next spiritual degree, it is impossible to know it or sense it because it must first become revealed in you. Only then will you begin to sense, and then to understand what it’s all about. Indeed, it is comprised of a new set of ten Sefirot, which constitute all new material.

That is why there are no smart or dumb students in Kabbalah. We are all in the same boat, and with respect to the next spiritual degree we are all equal: an intellectual or an ignoramus, a nerd or a dolt, a professor or a student – there is no difference between them. All that’s needed is a desire to attain the goal, steady nerves, and patience. Therefore, you should exercise, stay in good physical shape, and focus the rest of your energies on your inner work together with the group.

We’ve been reading The Zohar for two months now, and it’s beginning to affect us already. However, right now each of us is fluctuating in his own direction, as though on random, chaotic waves. Unity has not yet been attained; we don’t feel that we are parts of one collective movement where a sequence of strong waves washes over us after every lesson, shaking us like a tsunami.

The Zohar must affect everybody in the same way, regardless of how long a person has been studying, in what language, what is his place of origin, sex or age. The very source that we study must affect every one of us.

For instance, when it’s light outside, then everybody knows it’s day and not night, regardless of whether you are a baby, a man or a woman, a senior, and even a cat and a mouse. Similarly, we must come to a state of unity where everybody reacts to reading The Zohar in the same way, in unison.

Our present goal is to work on our unity, so that The Zohar will begin to influence all of us at once, like a single whole. And in so doing we are working to reveal it, for it will only be revealed in a united desire, in the union of the points in the heart.

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