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My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/21/17


The more similar we are to the upper system of governance, the more harmoniously its commands enter us. Be the Master of your #destiny!

Kabbalah, as a science of #social bonding, doesn’t hide or gloss over conflicts, but changes the attitude toward them, elevating us above.

The spiritual world is a system of governance over our world, determining how we live. The #wisdom of Kabbalah proposes befriending it.

The #ego paints a picture of the world outside of me. By correcting the ego I discover that the world is my own subjective sensations.

Kabbalistic hi-tech: How can we become faster than the steam engine of #evolution, opting for the path of good, pleasant development?

Development occurs solely through the growth of #evil, strife—and rising above them. Strife must become a source of prosperity, not rifts.

Opponents aim us at the source of all that is happening, the #Creator, the bond with Him. or rather, the Creator is aiming us at Himself.

I should treat opponents as the Creator’s puppets: they exist to give me the chance to reveal His #singularity.

From Twitter, 10/21/17

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What Is The Kabbalist Talking About?

laitman_227Comment: Baal HaSulam in The Last Generation writes about thirty million years of the Earth’s development. However, this contradicts all religions.

Answer: Kabbalah is a science and it speaks absolutely clearly about it. Even in The Book of Zohar, written two thousand years ago, it states that the Earth is round. It is a good thing that Kabbalists were not caught by the inquisitors, after all, fifteen centuries later scientists were burnt for such statements! It is written very simply about this in The Book of Zohar.

Question: About what thirty million years of development does Baal HaSulam speak?

Answer: He simply imagines these geological periods of development of the Earth. He lives in them!

However, what does it matter? Kabbalists do not contemplate this because this does not apply to the purpose of creation. Ask them what happened five billion years ago, how the Sun, the galaxy, and the black holes were formed, and they will tell you.

A Kabbalist feels all this in his desires. After all, if you work with the desires on the level of Adam – Man, which is not the level of human but the next level of uniting the desires, then naturally you can consider all the previous ones and study them. It is written in Kabbalah that Kabbalists knew the language of animals, the language of fish, and so on.

These are not just beautiful words or an allegory. You can penetrate and understand the essence of all spiritual degrees below you. It means that you understand everything absolutely clearly, the way we understand a baby, at least at some level and in some volume, also everything else on the animate, vegetative, and inanimate levels.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/16/16

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What Should Be Done During A Moment Of Fear?

Laitman_002Question: What should be done during a moment of fear?

Answer: There is an article in the book Shamati “About Fear that Sometimes Comes Upon a Person.”

One should immediately remember that there is none else besides Him, and that the Creator is giving you this feeling so you would adhere to Him like a toddler to the mother when he is scared. Everything has the same goal—to bring us to adhesion with the Creator.

Try this, be in contact with your friends and help each other remember why this happened. There is no other action in this world—everything comes solely for the purpose of achieving our unity, the correction of the common soul.

The Creator shattered this soul and now it is in constant movement toward its correction. And because all its parts are included in the correction, we see the unfolding of all the misfortunes and problems because the opposite parts are nearing each other.

You see what is going on in the world, in politics, in the relationships between countries, in families, and in nations. Look at what is happening in Europe with the immigrants!

All this is happening, because different parts of the world are trying to unite under the external pressure that the Creator is exerting on them, but we are not working on them in the right way through unity and love. And then the pressure accumulates and results in an explosion, like with an earthquake.

Actually, we may have severe problems in the future if we do not begin the correction on the human level. Then, all levels of nature—animate, vegetative, and still—will become completely out of balance.

This is why, whenever a problem comes your way, know that it is the Creator playing a game with you. He wants you to turn to Him through unity with the friends! Then, gradually, everything will settle down.

But do not approach Him alone! That is how every person in the world prays. All the religions and faiths teach how to talk to the Creator. But He doesn’t hear it. He only hears one kind of prayer: the need for connection, for the strength to unite. Everything else is the request to eliminate all evil. He doesn’t need to hear it from you, for He created all of it. All evil comes from Him so that we may unite.
From the Convention In Brazil “Day Two” 4/30/17, “From We to One,” Lesson 9

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Religions Around The Wisdom of Kabbalah

Laitman_115Question: In Wikipedia it is written that “Kabbalah (Hebrew: קַבָּלָה‎, literally ‘parallel/corresponding,’ or ‘received tradition’) is an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought that originated in Judaism.” What can you say about that?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah is a science that is learned by people who feel the upper world and have attained it with the help of particular internal actions within them and not through mystical actions. They learn and investigate laws of the higher structure, all the upper forces that exist around us now that we don’t feel, but the Kabbalists have revealed them.

These forces are called higher because they are found in the realm of bestowal, these are forces of the characteristic of bestowal, not of characteristics of reception, and therefore, we explain and define them like that.

There is nothing religious, mystical, or esoteric about the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is pure science. That is also what was written by the ancient philosophers who learned this wisdom from Kabbalists in ancient Israel. Also, scientists from the Middle Ages to our day actually wrote this about it.

It has no relevance to Judaism. Judaism was founded much later; it emerged from the wisdom of Kabbalah and became the basis for actions customary in our world.

People who wanted and decided to aim toward relationships with the Creator in our world basically took external descriptions from the wisdom of Kabbalah, and created their religion from them. That is how spiritual teachings, which were transmitted through the ego, became the basis for Judaism and other religions.

Comment: In Wikipedia it is written that the wisdom of Kabbalah appeared in the 12th to 13th century.

Answer: This is also incorrect. The wisdom of Kabbalah appeared almost 5,777 years ago. We indicate this date as the Jewish New Year.

The appearance of Adam and the revelation of the laws of nature that he discovered symbolizes the birth of the wisdom of Kabbalah. We began our count from then.

The spread and dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah began in the 12th century and continued in the 14th century in its recorded form for everyone.

Therefore, the only correct point in Wikipedia is that the main discovery of the wisdom of Kabbalah began in the 14th century. Everything else was invented. The wisdom of Kabbalah is not philosophy, mysticism, religion, or Judaism. There is complete confusion about this, which includes the religious Jews, who consider the wisdom of Kabbalah is part of their religion.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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The Only Way To Prevent War

laitman_220Comment: In the The Last Generation, Baal HaSulam writes that there are three bases of disseminating Kabbalah, one of which is: “There is no existence to the world without it, all the more so in the days of the atom and the hydrogen bombs”

Answer: We try to conquer the strongest forces of nature; however, they exist outside of our grasp.

We try to do this in order to change our fate but we affect no changes for it exists in the very merging with the upper force, not in the power of atomic or hydrogen bombs. Therefore, I hope that all these “toys” will not get to be used.

On one hand, humanity always hangs on to the brink of balance. On the other hand, there is a higher governance, which, I hope, will not allow various hot-heads to press the red button.

Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: “The only counsel to prevent this is by all the nations adopting the regime of perfect communism, meaning altruistic. Needless to say, today, after the discovery and use of atom bombs, and the discovery of hydrogen bombs, it is no longer doubtful that after one, two, or three wars, the entire human civilization will be totally ruined, leaving no relics.”

It is hard to scare us with this today. People are used to this idea and live with the understanding that tomorrow they may not be here.

Comment: Psychologists consider a person to be an irrational being, incapable of being affected by logical arguments. But here, Baal HaSulam uses an example of war as an argument for people.

Answer: That which is known to the psychologists is of little interest to us. Their knowledge has no effect on the world. We, however, the people who move toward the revelation of the Creator can do a lot and can tilt the world to a positive side.

Question: Does Baal HaSulam mention these wars as evidence or does this proof have a deeper meaning?

Answer: A person has the means to end his life on Earth. However, he does not take into account the effect of the upper governance, how its directives are manifested inside him. The notion that we can destroy ourselves is a fact. However, humanity is used to it. It does not realize what it is moving toward.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/10/17

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New Life 901 – The Root Of Hatred Of Jews

New Life 901 – The Root Of Hatred Of Jews
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

What is the difference between the approach of Nazis and the approach of Jews? Why is Nazism becoming a rising trend in the United States? What is the role of the Jews?
From KabTV’s “New Life 901 – The Root Of Hatred Of Jews,” 8/22/17

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