My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/21/17


The more similar we are to the upper system of governance, the more harmoniously its commands enter us. Be the Master of your #destiny!

Kabbalah, as a science of #social bonding, doesn’t hide or gloss over conflicts, but changes the attitude toward them, elevating us above.

The spiritual world is a system of governance over our world, determining how we live. The #wisdom of Kabbalah proposes befriending it.

The #ego paints a picture of the world outside of me. By correcting the ego I discover that the world is my own subjective sensations.

Kabbalistic hi-tech: How can we become faster than the steam engine of #evolution, opting for the path of good, pleasant development?

Development occurs solely through the growth of #evil, strife—and rising above them. Strife must become a source of prosperity, not rifts.

Opponents aim us at the source of all that is happening, the #Creator, the bond with Him. or rather, the Creator is aiming us at Himself.

I should treat opponents as the Creator’s puppets: they exist to give me the chance to reveal His #singularity.

From Twitter, 10/21/17

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