My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/15/17


#Jerusalem is the symbol of the perfect city in which, by agreeing to rise above all differences, the perfect connection is achieved.

There is only one way to verify if your Torah is right—by studying it, do you achieve its main law, “Love your neighbor as yourself”?

#Jerusalem is the ability to unite, to be in one desire (heart), to “hide under one blanket” i.e. one anti-egoistic screen.

#Jerusalem: It’s critical to build relationships called “Yeru-shalaim“—”perfect city,” where our world meets the upper force.

#Jerusalem means “perfect city,” requiring the perfect nation to live there, i.e., one that aspires toward “Love your neighbor as yourself”

As the ego grows, people distance, families crumble, states split. Unity is possible ABOVE the disconnection. And the method is #Kabbalah.

From Twitter, 10/15/17

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