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What Can One Get From Kabbalah?

226Question: What can one get from Kabbalah?

Answer: From Kabbalah one can receive the revelation of the Creator, and this explains everything. Indeed, the revelation of the Creator is the unveiling of that common single force that governs the entire universe: the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature of our world and all five worlds that are included in the world of Infinity.

Relative to us, this one common force of control is called the Creator. It contains all the pleasures, all the happiness, all that a person desires. Kabbalah reveals this force. And all the rest comes from this.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/25/17

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Soul, Desire, Intention

laitman_243.03Question: Is soul a desire or a desire with intention?

Answer: The soul is desire. The light of the soul is that which fills the desire. And intention is the correction, screen, reflected light.
From the Lesson in Russian, 5/21/17

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The Way To The Final Correction

laitman_939.02Question: Do we have to get used to the intention to give egoistically so that, at some point, quantity will translate into quality?

Answer: First of all, correction is not realized in the general mass of humanity but, rather, in a small group—in a ten—in which ten people gather and make a pact that they “want to become similar to the Creator.” No one can achieve this by him or herself but only when everyone starts practicing mutual bestowal toward one another.

We agree amongst ourselves to support one another, to show each other an example, to annul ourselves before one another, and to demonstrate the importance of the goal in the unity between us. In this way, we create a miniature structure that resembles humanity—corrected in its entirety—but on a very small scale of no more and no less than ten. According to Kabbalah, this is the optimal way to reach correction.

Gradually we begin to feel special states between us, we discover the upper worlds, and we reveal the Creator that exists between us and the forces that connect us with each other.

We begin to understand what kinds of forces exist, which of them are called “angels” and which ones are referred to as “sacred animals,” etc. We begin to perceive the upper forces, meaning the qualities of love and bestowal. And most importantly, a special force emerges inside these revelations, a special quality called the Creator, the source of everything that exists, which encompasses the entire universe and becomes revealed to us as a result of our actions.

The result of our work will be the feeling that we are ready to absorb all of humanity and even the entire world inside of us. We do not have to work for this result. For if we create a complete ten, then our work inside it is enough for all of humanity to be included in us automatically.

And then we begin to feel ourselves as completely corrected and similar to the Creator who exists with us together inside our little circle.

All of humanity does not feel this because they do not correct their qualities from reception to bestowal or from egoism to altruism but we do. However, the final correction requires us to immediately disseminate the method once any threshold of correction has been reached. This is the purpose of our work.

Therefore, in the same measure that I want to get closer to the Creator, I simultaneously have to come out of the limits of my ten and disseminate the method to everyone else. Precisely in this manner, I become closer to the Creator and reveal him more and more clearly.

This is similar to a holographic picture in which I can feel the Creator in a very small degree, in a little point (colored red on the diagram), as if I am looking at the world without glasses and seeing everything in a rather blurry way.

If I add more little points to this part, then the focus of the picture will become sharper and sharper, more complete, and with all the details. So there is actually no difference whether I reveal the Creator in my ten or in a larger group.

Everything depends only on the resolution; when I come out into a general setting and attract other people to my ten, then, together, we start revealing the Creator more clearly and precisely and with a fuller understanding and a larger sensation.

That is why the very structure of the system requires us to disseminate. In the measure that I disseminate, I will attain the Creator even more and raise to His level until I reach the maximum capacity and completely fill all of humanity by passing the upper Light through myself into it. In this way, I will become equal to the Creator and achieve the final correction of my soul.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/2/17

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How Can Souls Help Each Other?

75.01Question: How can higher souls help us in the development of spirituality?

Answer: The Creator created only one soul. It split into many parts, the so-called individual souls, each of which corrects itself only to facilitate common correction. But generally, the soul is one for all. Baal HaSulam writes about this in the article “600,000 Souls.”

Since all individual souls are in one aggregation of souls, the correction of one soul helps the other and so on.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/21/17

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24 Hours: “Requiem To Multiculturalism”

In San Francisco, the the Russian newspaper 24 Hours published my article “Requiem to Multiculturalism”:


“But Not Only With You Am I Making This Covenant”

laitman_937Torah, Deuteronomy 29:13 – 29:14: But not only with you am I making this covenant and this oath, but with those standing here with us today before the Lord, our God, and [also] with those who are not here with us, this day.

Correction of the common soul is consecutive. It spreads into the levels of its ego from level zero to level five.

First, each of the five egoistic levels divides into five more and then further divides into an additional five. Second, each level and all the subsequent categories divide into three lines, twelve tribes, and tens.

These multiple divisions provide an optimal and easy way to change from the use of egoism to love and bestowal. There are desires involved in this change right now, others that will be corrected later, and still others that will be corrected much later.

The thing is, the Torah seemingly describes the history of what happened to the Jewish people as well as what is still to come. However, in reality, the story doesn’t exist. Nothing from the story is real. All these images in our conscious minds actually represent relationships between spiritual forces or Sefirot.

So all the memories of the past that are incorporated in anthropology, history, cosmology, and other disciplines only actually exist in our imaginations. We need to understand that everything that is written in the Torah only happens on the levels of consciousness, understanding, and the spiritual attainment of a person.

The Torah speaks of all of this on the levels of the forefathers, then their sons, and later, on our level. And all of it can, provisionally, be broken down into historical brackets and periods of time because in reality it never existed. This is how it works in our consciousness.

The Torah speaks of how a person can attain spirituality when he starts to work on himself. However, if he does not exert in this work, then everything the Torah speaks of does not really exist for him. The Torah is imprinted in his subconscious when he starts to read, attain, and hear, but it is just a shadow of what he should go through internally.

Comment: So, here now stand the forefathers, the nation that already entered there, and now us, here today…

My Response: Those standing here are the ones in the state of the weekly Torah portion. They attain this for themselves because there is no past, present, or future. Everything exists only in relation to the attaining person.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/9/17

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