Becoming One

Unity, The Way To A Good FutureQuestion: What is the state in which people feel that they are one whole?

Answer: It is a feeling that cannot be compared to anything else. There are no such feelings in our world. By tearing myself from my egoism and gluing the altruistic part that is born in me to the other friends who have also inserted their altruistic part into the general system, we create a collection of such particles.

Suppose I insert Light into the general system and together with me so do each of the friends focus his bit of Light. Eventually we connect though our desires to ascend above ourselves and merge into altruistic forces. This mutual merging of altruistic forces is called the “soul.”


The soul is one for all, and each one who joins the center of the ten begins to feel the general system called a soul through it.

Question: Is the energy, the force, that connects people fixed?

Answer: The system itself is fixed but our attitude toward it is not, because we are in perpetual motion in our attempt to attain it. In other words, the system is fixed, but we are constantly moving with regard to it in order to attain it more and more.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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