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Enter The Highest Management System

laitman_537Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: To that we must add the matter of the immortality of the soul, the reward in the next world, glory of the individual, the glory of the nation.

First, the problem of a person’s relationship with the family, society, and people is very strong. If you do not pay attention to it, then you will be forced into it. We see how individualistic and nationalist movements suddenly begin in the so-called united Europe.

Second, with the help of Kabbalah, man reveals an eternal and perfect system that governs everything. He enters this system as if he enters a pilot’s cockpit where he starts to control and see where and why he is flying. And this flight is eternal.

On the other hand, a person cannot get out of this plane. That is why it is so important that he can fly it and understand where to go.

Question: What is the connection between the soul’s immortality, reward in the future world, and “glory of the individual, the glory of the nation”?

Answer: All this attracts a person.

That is, I put myself at the head of my development and the world depends on me. At the same time, I look like a savior and a leader inside my nation and mankind.

“I lead people to a brighter future.” This is how a person who practices Kabbalah feels because each of us performs that individual function that no one else can perform.

This state is connected to the immortality of people, the immortality of the soul, and the immortality of our existence. There is no death; there is only death of the animal body, which we need in order to reach the next level. We are given a certain timeframe to reach this level and to continue to exist in it.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/10/17

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The Law Of The World’s Management, Part 1

laitman_229All our reality is entirely subjected to law, and according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, is controlled by the only law of the upper force called nature. We also call this higher power the Creator because it indeed created the entire universe.

The nature of this force is to act solely for the benefit of its creations; that is, it is absolutely good. But if we don’t see it, this is only because we do not understand the Creator.

Kabbalists, that is, people investigating the upper nature, reveal its complete goodness. And even ordinary researchers of nature see that although everyone devours another one in it, it is all subject to special laws and ultimately benefits the general development of all created beings.

Modern science reveals that nature is global and integrated, and everything in it is absolutely interconnected. Nothing can come out of the framework of this integral system. Like in a healthy human body, all its cells and systems work in harmony preparing it for a higher goal that is above ordinary bodily existence. We find this law in all forms of nature and on all its levels.

It turns out that knowledge of these laws is the key to our successful existence. After all, if inanimate matter, plants, and animals act according to instincts, that is, they feel the orders of nature and perform them unconsciously, in humans, it is much more complicated.

We do not know how to act. Our instincts are not strong enough to guarantee our correct behavior while being guided only by them. And all this is because a human is a social being, and this is where all our difficulties emerge from. After all, in everything that relates to the social order, instincts no longer work. They are no longer regulated by nature.

Desires for food, sex, and family are more or less understandable and do not cause us problems. But in everything that concerns society, that is, in the desire for wealth, power, and knowledge, we are very much confused. Internal instincts do not tell us how to properly act in them.

Desires for food, sex, and family belong to the animal level, and therefore, we can rely on them in our natural instincts, which are also inherent as in all other animals.

But with respect to purely human desires, we have to find the right direction for our development; otherwise, both money and power, and knowledge turn out to be the cause of all our troubles. It is due to the profound development of our mind that we invent the weapons of our own destruction.

In all of his previous centuries old history, man developed instinctively, like an animal. Our egoism always pushed us forward and everything was quite simple. After all, development went in a natural way, step by step, from one formation to another: slavery, feudalism, capitalism, as egoism grew.

But today the time has come when our ego finished its development and ceased to be the engine of evolution. It seems to admit that it reached its top and there is nowhere else to go. Therefore, everything comes into the process of stagnation: science, production, young people not wanting to get married and have children. There is a general fatigue because inside a person feels that he does not have an answer to the main question: “What do I live for?”

After all, throughout all the past millennia we knew what direction we were developing toward and our egoism did not require more than possible. It had very real needs: a good family, a profession, children, and money and we developed according to these requirements. But today our desire to enjoy has stopped its linear growth, and that’s the problem.

In fact, this process began five hundred years ago, in the Ari’s time: the desire ceased to simply grow and it began to “wind up.” All parts of the desire relating to inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature have evolved to a certain level and must begin to unite in the correct form.

That is, now we need to get connected. If we connect correctly with each other, then we will achieve the property of bestowal, which is the property of the Creator, and therefore, we will reveal the common force of nature between us. This power is revealed precisely in the properly corrected connections between us.
From the Convention “The Future Begins Here” In Europe, Day One 8/25/17, “The Laws of Guidance Over the World,” Lesson 1

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/14/17, Part 2

laitman_556Question: How and with what is the strength of the soul measured?

Answer: The strength of the soul is measured by the strength of the screen (Masach).

Question: What is the force of Light? What is the difference between a great force and a small force of Light?

Answer: The great force of Light is a great bestowal, and the small force of Light is a small bestowal.

Question: Will I be able to use knowledge and attainments of other people once I connect with them into one soul?

Answer: Yes. This is absolutely clear. After all, we connect with the knowledge and forces of other people in our world.

Question: How does an egoistic desire to enjoy spirituality turn into a soul?

Answer: When an egoistic desire is corrected to an altruistic one and begins working for reception in order to bestow, then it turns into a soul.

Question: Can I, through my relationship with my parents in this world, study the concept of spiritual parents and from the earthly branches learn about their correlation to their spiritual roots? Is this possible?

Answer: No. You must treat your parents like parents, with respect and love. But you do not have any connection with your spiritual parents.

Question: Are the desires to eat, sleep, and breathe desires of the serpent—egoism?

Answer: No, these are usual animalistic desires that are necessary because we exist in our physical body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/14/17

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