Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/14/17, Part 2

laitman_556Question: How and with what is the strength of the soul measured?

Answer: The strength of the soul is measured by the strength of the screen (Masach).

Question: What is the force of Light? What is the difference between a great force and a small force of Light?

Answer: The great force of Light is a great bestowal, and the small force of Light is a small bestowal.

Question: Will I be able to use knowledge and attainments of other people once I connect with them into one soul?

Answer: Yes. This is absolutely clear. After all, we connect with the knowledge and forces of other people in our world.

Question: How does an egoistic desire to enjoy spirituality turn into a soul?

Answer: When an egoistic desire is corrected to an altruistic one and begins working for reception in order to bestow, then it turns into a soul.

Question: Can I, through my relationship with my parents in this world, study the concept of spiritual parents and from the earthly branches learn about their correlation to their spiritual roots? Is this possible?

Answer: No. You must treat your parents like parents, with respect and love. But you do not have any connection with your spiritual parents.

Question: Are the desires to eat, sleep, and breathe desires of the serpent—egoism?

Answer: No, these are usual animalistic desires that are necessary because we exist in our physical body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/14/17

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