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My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/13/17


Our desire is like a radio that needs tuning to the right frequency. Then it’ll beget the same frequency as the outside—the upper light!

The #Torah is a force that opposes the ego. Let’s try together to receive the Torah—the light that unites us.

The purpose of our continued #evolution: conscious development into a Human of the world, not an egoistic baboon.

The key is to aspire to a #spiritual desire, not fulfilllment. For my & the upper degree’s desires to coincide. Fulfillment by equivalence.

By uniting above egoistic desires we activate the influence of the upper light—drawing us forward instead of pushing from behind. #unity

In creating the conditions to become a single whole in mutual guarantee, we help the whole #world by serving as a good example.

The key is to detach from and rise above egoistic instincts to a conscious controllable behavior of an integral human being. #spirituality

Imagine our world and its evil inclination as a large, tasty but poisonous dish—now fix it with the “spice” that is the #Torah.

The #Torah isn’t a scroll or a book, but a force that changes me. To the extent that I desire it, it effects the change.

The #ego grows: individuals distance, as do nations. Lots of small new states will pop up, but with a desire to unite above borders.

With the Torah’s help, man can evolve from a “bug” to being like the Creator, the eternal force of love & bestowal, & unlimited attainment.

The upper light will help us as soon as our desire coincides with its actions. Changes are only possible in us! #SimchatTorah

Children grow by playing. We too must play out a #society with proper interactions, and then we’ll grow into proper human beings.

Growing up, a child discovers life. Similarly, the chance to attain the purpose of our #world is revealed to mankind only in our time.

From Twitter, 10/13/17

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The Reason For Anti-Semitism’s Growth

400Question: Anti-Semitic speeches, statements and actions are spreading in America. Jewish cemeteries are vandalized in Philadelphia and St. Louis. There is an increase of anti-Semitism among university students. Why is there so much pressure on Jews?

Answer: Jews are carriers of the method that will correct the world and bring humanity to one single entity: an integral and global small village. And this exterior form of humanity demands internal cohesion of all into one single whole, into a single system.

One system cannot work with such great egoism that has developed in humanity. We reached its critical point and came to a crisis where a person cannot get along, not only with children, the family, and all the others, but even with himself. Of course, this does not apply to all people because everyone is on a different level, but, in general, this is so.

When we think about how to proceed further, we begin to connect with each other by creating common markets and various alliances between countries.

This makes things even worse for us because we reveal how much we are unable to connect. When we sign an agreement, it is already not valid on the second day because we see that we are still torn in different directions. A man marries, but not for a long time. He creates a family, but also for a short time. Children cannot communicate with each other or with their parents.

Egoism led us to such a state where we are distant from each other; everyone wants to put themselves in a “cocoon,” communicate with others on the phone or via the Internet. We want to estrange ourselves even more, to be isolated from each other. And here the problem arises: how do we become one single entity, because nature is pushing us toward it?

There is an antagonism between the inner human nature, which separates us from each other, and the exterior nature (inanimate, plant, animal, and human) that has to gradually unite us into one single community so that we harmoniously complement each other and  do not destroy each other, as it happens today.

This state should be allowed. It can only be done by man as the highest in the biological chain.

How can we solve everything? There is a program in humanity that can help evoke the supreme power of connection, love, and unity. It can perform such an operation on us and lead everyone to unity. We are even unable to understand how this can be done.

And the upper power is able to do this. This force is called the upper force because it is above our egoistic nature and comprises all of nature within itself.

The method of attracting the higher force has been in the hands of Jews for many thousands of years. However, except for Kabbalists, they do not know about it. Although there are a small number of Kabbalists among them, they are the carriers of this knowledge and are ready to share it with everyone because this is what determines our future.

In any case, we will have to fulfill our mission. There is no other way, we have to unite. That is why we now have a question before us: can we do this?

There is a certain feeling that Jews are to blame for what is happening in the world: They have all the wealth, they are pioneers of “high-tech” and other things, they rob humanity, and moreover, they know how to harm everyone. This underlying, subconscious feeling, even certainty, exists among all nations to a greater or lesser degree. They compose legends and speculations on this topic. From Kabbalah’s point of view, purely a Jewish knowledge, they are absolutely right, because they instinctively perceive it this way.

Question: Does it mean that terrible blood libel are their feelings?

Answer: Yes, they express their feelings in such a way. But there are grounds for this. Of course, there are no conspiracie because the Jews themselves do not know what is happening to them, but, in general, the basis of the other nations’ feelings is purely spiritual.

Therefore, the hatred of the nations of the world is justified. And there can be only one way out for the Jews, which is to recognize the task that confronts them and to begin to implement it.

Question: Now you have described the way of the upper force, which is to force the Jews to fulfill their task through anti-Semites. But probably there is also a straight path, direct path for the Jews, without anti-Semites?

Answer: The upper force offers this way through Kabbalists. Kabbalists do everything in their power to explain it. But no one hears them.

Question: So, there are two options: through Kabbalists or through anti-Semites?

Answer: Or the common way. I hope for the middle way: anti-Semites will pressure Jews so that Jews will be very frightened and will want to hear what the Kabbalists tell them. Let’s hope for this option.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/1/17

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Society Of The Future: Becoming Partners With The Creator

laitman_244Question: What will life based on the principle “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” look like practically? Will such practices as trade and finance remain, or will they become a thing of the past?

Answer: It all depends on what level of society we are talking about because it will not be built today or tomorrow. This is a very long, gradual process that depends on people.

Therefore, there cannot be any time limits. Much depends on the suffering of society from which it must begin this path. In Russia, suffering, hunger, devastation, and so forth, was imposed artificially. In addition, this was preceded by the First World War.

But in principle, the awareness of people is required here. And the realization of the possibility of suffering should not be accompanied by suffering itself. This comes first.

Second, it is necessary to gradually implement a new education in the world. It is mandatory that a person really understands and implements this method in small groups and attracts the upper Light.

What was the problem of the Russian communists? They had to go against religion. They were not able to create the right contact, a bond between themselves and religion. That is, if there is the upper force, the upper governance, then it is not us who control ourselves, but someone else. This was their problem.

And Kabbalah gives a very simple answer to this. Of course, the upper governance is in charge of everything, but we must change ourselves in accordance with it, not walking under the “god” like his belittled slaves, but becoming partners with the Creator.
From the TV program “The Last Generation” 7/31/17

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The World At The Crossroads, Part 7

laitman_431.02Baal HaSulam began to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah back in the 1920s, immediately after his arrival to the land of Israel. He hoped that this would save Europe from Nazism and World War II.

At that time, several other Kabbalists warned that it was urgently necessary to begin disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah, otherwise humanity faced a catastrophe.

Even earlier, 500 years ago, the great Kabbalist the Ari announced that the world had entered “the era of Mashiach” (the final stage of correction). Therefore, it is clear that our duty is to spread the method of correction everywhere.

After all, it means that the fruit has fully ripened for correction and any delay in cutting it off and using it correctly leaves it to rot, which leads to terrible miasms and mutations in society.

The form of the fetus changes only with the correction of its core, that is, the external social system changes only in accordance with the egoism of society. If we start working on this egoism and do not allow it to grow freely, taking onmore and more sophisticated forms, then society itself will build the best external structure.

Question: Does it mean that we do not need to try changing the social structure for correction?

Answer: Of course not! We must start from the inside. Egoism embedded within, determines the social structure. When egoism changes, people rebel, destroy the old structure and create a new one. If we correct egoism, they will rise, break the outer shell of the obsolete system and build a new one, more kind, and suitable to the level of development of their egoism.

All the development of humanity was due to the growth of egoism. If we begin to ennoble this egoism with all sorts of corrections, then society will be corrected accordingly. This is the only way: from internal corrections to the external ones.

The correct social education should give an understanding that unity is salvation from destruction. The wisdom of Kabbalah provides a practical method for unification that can improve the existing social order and protect us from Nazism coming to power, which will inevitably lead to self-destruction.

For example, if Americans do not resist the growth of internal hatred now, they will destroy themselves without any external war. The Nazi regime will give rise to the hatred of everyone for everyone—blacks, whites, Arabs, and Latinos—and will divide everyone according to very clear criteria.

It will not be as blurry as it is now, between Democrats and Republicans. Everyone will be sorted according to color and race. The Americans will finish with their country, without external invaders. A small addition of hatred inside the country, and it explodes.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Europe at a Crossroad”

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Money, Power, And Perception Of Reality

laitman_559Question: Why do big money and great power change a person’s perception of reality?

Answer: Big money and great power, of course, change a person, but not his perception. Any person in our world perceives everything according to his depravity. For example, a teacher, a musician, a driver, a politician, etc., all talk about our world in a completely different way, but it is all about the same egoistic world. There is nothing special about it.

Kabbalists talk only about the difference in perception in the desire to gain pleasure for oneself—to please oneself, and in the desire to bestow, to merge into others.

Question: Does this mean that money and power are simply a kind of desire to gain pleasure? Someone wants money, another one wants power.

Answer: Of course. Food, sex, family, money, power, and knowledge are all different kinds of egoistic pleasures.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/27/16

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New Life 896 – Global Trends: Artificial Intelligence

New Life 896 – Global Trends: Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Our operating software is maximum enjoyment. In the future, a person will see that he is completely activated by his desire to receive and will understand how to rise above it.
From KabTV’s “New Life 896 – Global Trends: Artificial Intelligence,” 8/15/17

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