My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/13/17


Our desire is like a radio that needs tuning to the right frequency. Then it’ll beget the same frequency as the outside—the upper light!

The #Torah is a force that opposes the ego. Let’s try together to receive the Torah—the light that unites us.

The purpose of our continued #evolution: conscious development into a Human of the world, not an egoistic baboon.

The key is to aspire to a #spiritual desire, not fulfilllment. For my & the upper degree’s desires to coincide. Fulfillment by equivalence.

By uniting above egoistic desires we activate the influence of the upper light—drawing us forward instead of pushing from behind. #unity

In creating the conditions to become a single whole in mutual guarantee, we help the whole #world by serving as a good example.

The key is to detach from and rise above egoistic instincts to a conscious controllable behavior of an integral human being. #spirituality

Imagine our world and its evil inclination as a large, tasty but poisonous dish—now fix it with the “spice” that is the #Torah.

The #Torah isn’t a scroll or a book, but a force that changes me. To the extent that I desire it, it effects the change.

The #ego grows: individuals distance, as do nations. Lots of small new states will pop up, but with a desire to unite above borders.

With the Torah’s help, man can evolve from a “bug” to being like the Creator, the eternal force of love & bestowal, & unlimited attainment.

The upper light will help us as soon as our desire coincides with its actions. Changes are only possible in us! #SimchatTorah

Children grow by playing. We too must play out a #society with proper interactions, and then we’ll grow into proper human beings.

Growing up, a child discovers life. Similarly, the chance to attain the purpose of our #world is revealed to mankind only in our time.

From Twitter, 10/13/17

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