Society Of The Future: Becoming Partners With The Creator

laitman_244Question: What will life based on the principle “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” look like practically? Will such practices as trade and finance remain, or will they become a thing of the past?

Answer: It all depends on what level of society we are talking about because it will not be built today or tomorrow. This is a very long, gradual process that depends on people.

Therefore, there cannot be any time limits. Much depends on the suffering of society from which it must begin this path. In Russia, suffering, hunger, devastation, and so forth, was imposed artificially. In addition, this was preceded by the First World War.

But in principle, the awareness of people is required here. And the realization of the possibility of suffering should not be accompanied by suffering itself. This comes first.

Second, it is necessary to gradually implement a new education in the world. It is mandatory that a person really understands and implements this method in small groups and attracts the upper Light.

What was the problem of the Russian communists? They had to go against religion. They were not able to create the right contact, a bond between themselves and religion. That is, if there is the upper force, the upper governance, then it is not us who control ourselves, but someone else. This was their problem.

And Kabbalah gives a very simple answer to this. Of course, the upper governance is in charge of everything, but we must change ourselves in accordance with it, not walking under the “god” like his belittled slaves, but becoming partners with the Creator.
From the TV program “The Last Generation” 7/31/17

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