What Should Be Done During A Moment Of Fear?

Laitman_002Question: What should be done during a moment of fear?

Answer: There is an article in the book Shamati “About Fear that Sometimes Comes Upon a Person.”

One should immediately remember that there is none else besides Him, and that the Creator is giving you this feeling so you would adhere to Him like a toddler to the mother when he is scared. Everything has the same goal—to bring us to adhesion with the Creator.

Try this, be in contact with your friends and help each other remember why this happened. There is no other action in this world—everything comes solely for the purpose of achieving our unity, the correction of the common soul.

The Creator shattered this soul and now it is in constant movement toward its correction. And because all its parts are included in the correction, we see the unfolding of all the misfortunes and problems because the opposite parts are nearing each other.

You see what is going on in the world, in politics, in the relationships between countries, in families, and in nations. Look at what is happening in Europe with the immigrants!

All this is happening, because different parts of the world are trying to unite under the external pressure that the Creator is exerting on them, but we are not working on them in the right way through unity and love. And then the pressure accumulates and results in an explosion, like with an earthquake.

Actually, we may have severe problems in the future if we do not begin the correction on the human level. Then, all levels of nature—animate, vegetative, and still—will become completely out of balance.

This is why, whenever a problem comes your way, know that it is the Creator playing a game with you. He wants you to turn to Him through unity with the friends! Then, gradually, everything will settle down.

But do not approach Him alone! That is how every person in the world prays. All the religions and faiths teach how to talk to the Creator. But He doesn’t hear it. He only hears one kind of prayer: the need for connection, for the strength to unite. Everything else is the request to eliminate all evil. He doesn’t need to hear it from you, for He created all of it. All evil comes from Him so that we may unite.
From the Convention In Brazil “Day Two” 4/30/17, “From We to One,” Lesson 9

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