Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 4/2/17

Laitman_510.01Question: Is the ten a sufficient condition for similarity of the lower form of connection to the upper spiritual structure?

Answer: Yes, this is correct.

Question: Why does the Creator need people?

Answer: There are no people. It only seems so to us. In fact, these are not people but pieces of desires that we perceive as people.

Question: What is a spiritual desire of the other?

Answer: To be a spiritual partner with me.

Question: What does it mean to add other people to myself?

Answer: This means to connect with them in a common desire and common intention.

Question: Is love and bestowal the same quality? If they are not, what is the difference?

Answer: Bestowal is bestowal, and love is above bestowal because you take desires of others and fulfil them.

Question: Why do I begin to fear spiritual attainment?

Answer: Probably because you misunderstand it. It is all absolute goodness! There is nothing that could scare or repel in spiritual attainment.

Question: What do I do to fulfil a person if his desire is to distance himself from others as much as possible?

Answer: You should show him love, kill him with love.

Question: What is the upper Light?

Answer: The upper Light is the quality of bestowal and love that descends on us and makes us be like it.

Question: Egoism is our enemy. Does it mean that we need to love egoism, that is, to love the enemy as a friend?

Answer: To love egoism means to turn it into a friend so that it will work for bestowal.

Question: With what can we touch the soul in order to correct it?

Answer: There should be a spark, like in “The Tale of a Good Wizard.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/2/17

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