The Four-Letter Name Of The Creator And The Three Lines

laitman_237Question: What does the four-letter name of the Creator and the three lines in each letter mean?

Answer: The four-letter name of the Creator is necessary in order to work with egoism in all of its depth.

In other words, this is the development of egoism in four stages, or the four stages of development of the Direct Light.

When we are talking about the correction of egoism, each stage is divided into three lines: right, left, and middle. The left line is egoism itself, the right line is the force of the Light that is required for its correction, and the middle line is the place where egoism should exist in the corrected state.

Therefore, each of the four stages in the depths of egoism consists of the uncorrected part, the forces that correct it, and the corrected state.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/30/16

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