My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/22/17


Throughout history: 1,000s come to study #Kabbalah, few remain. Those who leave become opposers, having not gotten their free gifts.

Our #egoistic pleasures fade. Kabbalah ( “Reception”) teaches us how to be fulfilled with everlasting pleasures that are also cumulative.

Cause of #depression: developed ego cannot be fulfilled. To suffer less, shall we want less? That would lead to developmental depression.

Man’s mission in our world is to discover the absolute authority of the Upper force, and to liken himself to it. #humanity

The age of #ego‘s growth and dominion is over. It cannot govern our world anymore. Kabbalah is the program of living for the post-ego age.

We must overcome illiteracy-by revealing the link between the Upper and our worlds, where the Upper world constitutes forces governing ours

We exist in a world of forces. They are drawn by our desires, and we sense them with the 5 senses. And so we live—in an imagined #world.

The middle line in relationships can bring new meanings to #conflicts: when hatred flares up, let us work together to forge unity from it!

Body’s fulfilment: #food, sex, family, wealth, respect, knowledge-are transient

Soul’s fulfilment: by Creator in mutual guarantee-is eternal

If man knows the path of development, he shakes off the control that the negative force has over him. #wisdom

In nature, #altruism is the law of cellular unity as per the “one for all” principle. It exists in every living organism–and in society!

1st spiritual degree annuls our entire #world, turning it into a kernel. History disappears, having existed only in our broken imagination.

The standard program of development advances us by pushing us via #suffering. But if I hasten this program, it becomes good/pleasant!

Aspiration toward purpose isn’t a dream or self-delusion, but rather self-programming, the motivation that predetermines your #future.

Change not your #life, but your attitude toward it.

A person can never have a good #relationship with another directly, but only through the quality of bestowal, called the Creator.

From Twitter, 10/22/17

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