“For I Proclaim The Name Of The Lord…”

232.1Torah, Deuteronomy, 32:03: For I proclaim the name of the Lord; Ascribe greatness to our God!

Question: Why should “Amen” be said after the blessing?

Answer: “Amen” means truth, rightness. In all languages it is pronounced Amen, and is referred to as a seal after each indisputable statement.

Question: What does it mean: “For I proclaim the name of the Lord?”

Answer: This means that within my desire, or a part of it, I can perform an action when all parts of my desire will be collected in such a way that the Creator will reveal Himself in them. The Creator does not reveal Himself for no reason. He is a quality of bestowal. It should appear on some substrate, on some matter, on some basis. I must prepare this basis from my desires, from my relationships with others. If the relationship of absolute bestowal and love arises between us, then the Creator manifests in our inner relationships. This is His name.

Question: Why are different names of the Creator manifested all the time?

Answer: The names of the Creator are qualities of bestowal, of love, which are manifested in different styles at different levels.

The Creator has many styles because His common name is the ten Sefirot, the four-letter name HaVaYaH. It is not voiced in a person, it is only its manifestation in the properties of a person that is voiced. Therefore, there are ten so-called indelible names, ten Sefirot, in addition to others.

Question: We often say that He is great, good, loving, etc. Is it possible to call them names of the Creator?

Answer: No, these are epithets, not names. In the same way, I can say about a person: “He is good-natured, he is wise,” but this is not a name, it is his certain quality.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/30/17

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