Not By Bread Alone

laitman_547.05From “The Crisis and Its Solution” (Forum in Arosa, 2006):

Although at first, everyone will work for the benefit of society under the compulsion and influence of his environment, the support and recognition of his actions by society will fill him with such complete satisfaction that a person will begin to perceive bestowal to society as the ultimate, special value even without receiving a moral reward from his environment in concrete cases.

In other words, the point is not in how much we receive today and how much later. Fulfillment depends on how we receive, in what form, for what, and why. It is possible to eat a few ounces of food and be satisfied as if you ate several pounds. It all depends on internal, spiritual satisfaction.

Spiritual significance in food, clothing, in any fulfillment received by a person, gives him pleasure and the desire to preserve and be satisfied with less. And this will not be a result of coercion; society will come to this as a result of integral education. It is written that a “man does not live by bread alone” because spiritual fulfillment is more important.

And even now, we are not fulfilling ourselves with the food itself; we are trying to extract pleasure from it. But pleasure from a piece of meat cannot be compared with that which can lay beyond it: how we are receiving it and for what reason we eat.

Question: It is obvious that what is most important in a job is not the salary, but the fulfillment it gives a person, the interactions. Why then is the necessity to work for the benefit of society perceived by the ego as a bitter duty?

Answer: Because today a person doesn’t receive a pleasurable sensation from giving to society., but the opposite! This is the result of “liberalism” and “democracy,” which have been touted in the last forty years. The entire approach received a wrong slant because everyone prides himself on his own dismissive relationship to others, his separateness from society, like a thief who hasn’t been caught.

Society values exactly these kinds of people—strong personalities. That’s why all of society has rotted thoroughly. If this “liberalism” is not stopped now, then it will bring us to war. At the end of Obama’s tenure an ultimate war was already spoken about openly because the world was actually moving toward it. I hope that now there will be changes.

A slant to the right is also not allowed; there needs to be a balance. This will be the real “pluralism” that was dreamt of at one time, and not the kind that came to be when democrats support democracy only while they are in power. And as soon as someone else is elected, they come out to protest and try to bring him down. How can people, calling themselves democrats and liberals, not agree with the results of an election?
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/5/17,“Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “The Desirable Result”

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