The World At The Crossroads, Part 6

115.06Question: Why does Nazism and fascism inevitably lead to war, as we see from history?

Answer: It cannot be any other way! One can ask why can’t Nazism stay within its own country? However, if this unity is based on egoism, it inspires its leaders to subordinate someone else. Egoism laid the foundation of the fascist system and obliges people to fight. It is like a mafia!

Question: Democracy based on egoism also causes negative consequences, but why exactly does Nazism lead to war?

Answer: Nazism unites people and democracy does not. Liberalism lets each one do whatever he wants. Although this is also temporary at its final stage democracy leads to unity and in an egoistic form. Then egoism + unity creates a big force that requires its realization and wants to subordinate and conquer others.

This is a natural sequence of development of egoism: feudalism → capitalism → pseudo-socialism (democracy, liberalism) → Nazism. It cannot be in a different way because we must come to unification.

Suppose that in ten years most countries in the world are bound to achieve unification, each within itself. The development of egoism is such that it demands unification either by a natural way, which is Nazism, or by the way of the Light, which means building the society of the future based on mutual bestowal.

One way or another, there must be unification. On the axis of development of humanity, marks have already been set, and of course[v10] , they are different for each country and each nation. However, if this is about developed (egoistically) countries, then they are given a certain period during which they must achieve internal cohesion—either through egoism or above it.

The basis of any society is egoism, around which, like around a fruit’s stone, an external social order is dressed: feudalism, capitalism, socialism, or Nazism. The external form is the result of the internal development of egoism and it changes together with it.

In the beginning, it corresponds to its core, but egoism continues to ripen. Therefore, at some point in time, the external form must change in order to correspond to the new form of the inner core.

We do not feel how the egoism hidden within us changes and what forms it undergoes. We notice only the external manifestations in society, like a child who suddenly learns to talk or to do something new because he has developed internally.

Common inner egoism develops, and therefore, the external form of society must change in accordance with it. Any social system is a direct consequence of the form of egoism concealed within it. If we correct the egoism, then obviously, the external form of society will change along with it. Having received the method of correction, society itself will build new social relations due to the changes in the egoism.

Therefore, it is useless to try to build socialism, communism, Nazism, capitalism, and so on. Instead, it is necessary to work on correcting the egoism inherent in people and then they themselves will build a society that is suitable for their internal qualities.

In the meantime, while the external form does not correspond to the inner core, wars and revolutions will continue. This is how it works; the inner egoism of society determines its external form and its social order.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Europe at a Crossroad”

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