My Thoughts On Twitter, 10/10/17


Democracies lead to nationalism. This cyclicity can only be broken by correcting man’s egoistic nature #democracy @BBCWorld

#TeachersDay A Teacher puts a child on a path that he won’t stray from till the end of his life. Otherwise, is he really a Teacher?

#Teacher is needed to reveal the meaning of life. He organizes every step in spiritual work-otherwise man is like a baby stranded in woods.

#WorldTeachersDay To teach nature’s law: Nature is a closed system, thus unification solves all hardships, and disconnection begets them.

#A Teacher teaches HOW, not WHAT to think. How to be independent of everyone and oneself, pointing only at the goal—Creator’s revelation.

#Teachers Who needs education? The youth. To find the inner meaning of communication & tame the individualism rising from destructive ego.

From Twitter, 10/10/17

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