All Roads Lead To “The House Of Abraham”

laitman_937Starting with the first man Adam and onward through twenty generations until Abraham revealed the shattering, all this time humanity was seeking connection with the upper force and with the purpose of creation.

It took twenty generations to come from the point of shattering that was manifested in the first man to the true revelation of the upper force that Abraham accomplished.

Abraham discovered the correct method of work that allowed him to reveal the Creator and also to realize himself by becoming similar to the upper force and adhering to it.

Question: At what point does Abram, an ordinary person, become the forefather Abraham?

Answer: The moment when he begins to attain the program of creation, he turns into the foundation from which starts the new stage of development in a person.

A person was looking for the purpose of creation and of his life and found some deceptive values, which is called, “he was creating idols and selling them.” He sought in what form it is possible to advance, for what it is worth living. However, then he breaks all his fantasies, one idol after another, because he understands that they are incorrect and for them it’s not worth living.

He moves on until he finds the correct, final method and form of advancement. That is, he already has an understanding of his foundations—a good inclination and an evil inclination. He knows how to connect them in the middle line and to bring them to correction, to adhesion with the Creator by uniting, bestowing for the sake of bestowal, and later receiving for the sake of bestowal.

When he finds these foundations for his spiritual work, this means that he revealed Abraham, the father of the nation (Av HaAm) in himself. From this moment onward, he begins to build a new spiritual form in himself.

Abraham is a symbol of spiritual work, a force that is capable of leading some of the desires out of Nimrod’s power, out of egoism. All other Babylonians remain in Babylon, and later we will have to correct all these desires. Today, like in the time of Abraham, humanity must break all the false idols that it created for itself, reduce their value to dust, and then build a new correct form from them.

The world is gradually moving toward this correction. The whole history of humanity unfolded only for the sake of final correction. It seems to people that the events occurred by chance, but this isn’t so. The informational genes, Reshimot, have unwound this way from the first man Adam and on.

The same processes are happening inside every person, inside the people of Israel, who are “the house of Abraham” in relation to the whole world and in the entire world in general. It’s like nesting dolls that nest inside each other. The main thing is that there is one upper force that brings good.

The evil that rises against it also comes from the same source and is created to teach us to distinguish between good and evil, between light and darkness. When we will be able to connect these two opposite forms, then precisely between them we discover ourselves and contact with the Creator.

The middle line connects the Creator above with the man below. And the other two lines, right and left, are required only in order to build the middle line, which is the connection between us and the upper force.

Each person must find Abraham within himself, meaning the foundation for spiritual work that allows him to reveal the Creator and adhere to Him. This is the purpose of creation. And also, it is necessary to bring the whole world, all of humanity, to such a connection into one whole, so that this force, this idea, will unite everyone together.
From the Lesson “Preparation for Pesach” 3/28/17

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