Abraham Is The Property of Bestowal

laitman_747_01Question: What was Abraham’s appeal to the Babylonians?

Answer: Abraham is the property of bestowal (Hesed), the quality of love at a small degree (level).

Abraham addressed the Babylonians and asked them to remember how successfully they cooperated when their egoism was smaller. He advised them to rise above their divisive ego and live in love and friendship.

However, this work was unfeasible for them since it implied that people had to help each other and trigger the Reforming Light by asking the Creator to grant it to them in order to actually live in accordance with the rule of “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

It implied that each of them was a “different object” detached from each other by selfishness. Was it possible to build a bridge between them? It is a very difficult task! It can be achieved only with the help of Abraham’s property, Hesed (mercy, bestowal), when despite our alienating egos we still try to correct ourselves in order to reach a phase when our neighbor is as important and precious to us as we are to ourselves. This is how the principle of love thy neighbor as thyself is implemented in life.

Abraham gathered his adherents and led them out of Babylon to the land of Canaan. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine how they managed to withstand such a grueling, long walk through the desert. But it was not about a physical journey; rather, it signified that Abraham elevated his people from the egoistic degree called “Babylon” to the level of the “land of Canaan,” today’s the land of Israel.

In other words, it was an inner journey throughout which people gradually advanced from their prior desires and properties, and got farther and farther away from Babylon and closer to the land of Canaan. By moving forward, they elevated.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/31/14

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