The Higher Power From The Point Of View Of Kabbalah

Laitman_043Question: Most of humanity is religious. They have their own impressions about the higher power, God, the Creator. In the wisdom of Kabbalah, what is the higher power and what is the fundamental difference?

Answer: Humanity has always feared something and has been afraid until today. It always tries to find some method of protection from the unexpected and cruel forces of nature.

The same is said about Abraham who was first a priest in ancient Babylonian and later discovered the higher power,  called nature or the Creator, as a singular and good force that doesn’t demand rituals and sacrifices. Based upon this discovery, he began to conduct research and clarification and eventually taught people as well.

That is how Kabbalistic language was formed; its foundations come from the first Kabbalist, Adam, who lived 5,777 years ago.

Since the wisdom of Kabbalah developed from Adam to Abraham and from Abraham to us, it expanded its conceptual system through four languages with which Kabbalists describe the upper world. Through these languages, we gradually begin to feel what the Kabbalists felt and described.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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