Find Your Place In The System Of The Universe

laitman_214Question: How do we determine our place in the system of the universe and find our path to the Creator based on the knowledge that we receive in the Kabbalah classes?

Answer: When we study the material from the side, the systems or the worlds seem to align into a single picture. The system can be clearly seen. But where am I in this system? For that, I have to reveal it, see it, feel it, exist in it, and direct it in the full meaning of that word.

In order to reveal it, a person has to rise above his egoistic nature because the entire system is based on altruistic forces and principles. Therefore, an egoist cannot reveal, see, attain, direct, or exist in it. And this is the real system of the worlds.

In essence, it is unlike our world. This world is an illusory one that we perceive in our egoistic senses or qualities. That is just what it is called: Olam HaMedume or the imaginary world.

And the real world is the world in which the upper force, the kind force called the Creator, exists in the open. It is in that very same world that we have to realize ourselves and our freewill, our ability to rule the upper world.

Question: Will every person be able to find their place there?

Answer: Absolutely everyone! It is because the upper world exists that a person must find himself there, determine his place, his point, his root, and delve into it and realize himself fully.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/25/17

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