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My Thoughts On Twitter, 11/19/17


When we feel that we’re #together, like one force field, everyone interconnects as equals, each comprising everyone else—as a result, we fill this domain so densely with interconnections that it becomes a solid plane where we reveal the Creator.

Entering #spirituality is like lifting off the ground. You need a force to hold you despite gravity. Gravity is the force of our ego, always pulling us down. And the force pulling us up is the Creator’s force that we draw through the group.

The Creator’s concealment rejects the weak, but brings closer those who realize that the Creator purposely conceals Himself, so that one would cling to Him independently. And when one is unable, he asks and receives adhesion with the Creator. Such is the Creator’s system. #God

From Twitter, 11/19/17

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Humor In Spirituality

laitman_293.2Question: What is humor in spirituality?

Answer: Humor is the ability of reason to find a form of particular release: it is not rational, not on its own level, but on a level above the rational. And that’s when good humor is achieved, a spark from reason.

It is faith above reason when you rise above your own ordinary mechanical thinking. That’s why Kabbalists very much respect humor, good jokes, and clever stories.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 7/9/17

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Official Response Of The Israeli Non-Profit Association Bnei Baruch – Kabbalah La’am To The “Investigation” By Corporation “Kaan”

Dear Friends!

As a result of the attempt of the interested parties to tarnish the name of the association Bnei Baruch – Kabbalah La’am and to label it with untrue facts, we consider it necessary to clarify that we will persist and continue the mass dissemination of the value of unification. We will do everything to avoid unnecessary conflicts, but the main thing is to continue to openly demonstrate, despite all the defamation and slander, that the principle of uniting people over all differences is a solution to any problem and any crisis.

From the great Kabbalist Baal Shem Tov, through Ramchal, Rambam, and Rav Kook to Baal HaSulam, during the lifetime of all generations, Kabbalah faced resistance and Kabbalists faced persecutions. Naturally, opponents of Kabbalah La’am, the world’s largest non-profit association for the study of Kabbalah, also appear.

Over the past 22 years, none of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of students in Israel and throughout the world, cannot claim that someone has inflicted on him deliberate harm or has shown him deliberate disrespect. At the same time, it is clear that among hundreds of thousands there are also those whose expectations we did not meet.

As a pluralistic association Kabbalah La’am is open to everyone, and everyone has full freedom to choose the framework of their spiritual pursuits. We stand for a life full of meaning and joy, based on love for one’s neighbor. This is the essence of our studies and activities. Any other version that the interested party is trying to spread is wrong and false. We will not play into the hands of disunity and disinformation.

In recent days, social networks are spreading a promotion of the program that will soon be shown by the broadcasting corporation “Kaan,” a video full of defamation and slander of the association. We deemed it necessary to share with you our official position and clarify the facts that we will pass on to the media and all comers.

Statement: Kabbalah La’am is trying to get into politics.

Truth: The goals of the non-profit association “Kabbalah La’am” are to study and disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah. Our goal is to spread the value of unity based on the principle of “love your neighbor as yourself,” which is the supreme principle of Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah La’am association has never participated in political actions. Tens of thousands of our students are professionally employed in various fields, and in the nature of their activities, many of them promote a variety of initiatives and ideas. Being in constant search of ways to raise positive values ​​of unity in the people of Israel, some of our students put forward an initiative to use a political platform for a wider coverage. This initiative was implemented in two cases:

  • In 2013, several students, residents of the city of Petah Tikva, created a list to run for the City Council and promote the idea of unification and mutual guarantee in the city. To this end, they established the association “Be-yahad le-ma’an Petah-Tikva 2013.” About 12,000 people voted for this list, and it became a faction with four mandates.
  • In 2014, several students offered to promote the idea of unity of the people by joining the ruling party. They initiated the accession process and attracted thousands of people to the Likud party.

Accusation: Kabbalah La’am uses libel suits to suppress criticism.

Truth: Freedom of speech is part of the core values ​​within the framework of the Kabbalah La’am association. We respect any creative criticism, but we resolutely reject any false and tendentious statements that are malicious in nature and are aimed at destroying the association. Evil and lying statements are among the main factors of dissociation and hatred. Promoting unity and love, we are not ready to allow anyone to undermine the ramified and beneficial activities of Kabbalah La’am, discrediting and defaming its good name. The very wisdom of Kabbalah obliges us to answer. The name “Kabbalah La’am” is a respected brand created over the years by hard work and it is enjoying great sympathy in the broader Israeli society. It is important to emphasize that in all cases when we decided to apply to the court to protect our good name, the defendants were obliged to apologize to us publicly and to remove offensive publications.

Accusation: Kabbalah La’am controls the actions of its students. It is also alleged that among other things, illegal or immoral acts occur that lead to personal problems, separation from the family, discrimination against women, use of pills, and other malicious inventions, such as ignoring a suicide case.


  • Kabbalah La’am is a pluralistic organization that accepts everyone who wants to study the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is administered exclusively in the spirit of the Kabbalistic sources that teach us how to build relationships based on compassion, care, and love between the person and others, in the family, and so on. Nobody interferes in any way with the personal lives of millions of our supporters and dictates to no one how to live and how to behave in life. Our house is open and we act with directness and transparency. All lessons and activities are filmed and broadcast to the general public, and everyone is invited to evaluate and decide what form of studying and degree of involvement suits him.
  • All activities of the association are controlled by the accounting firm, as well as government departments such as the Registrar of non-profit associations, tax authorities, and so on, who have repeatedly checked our association and decided that its activities are conducted in accordance with the rules of proper, accountable administration. It is important to note that paragraph 46 has been approved for our association, which is granted only to those associations that operate with full transparency under strict supervision by the Registrar and the tax authorities.
  • It is enough to visit one of our meetings or one of the events to see how important women are for us. Women make up about 60% of the students who study in Kabbalah La’am, and they are equal to men in everything!
  • Dr. Michael Laitman was previously involved in counseling and treatment with alternative medicine. In the framework of this activity, patients from all over Israel and the world visited him. The granules that were used as part of this therapy are homeopathic dragees, widely used in the field of alternative medicine.
  • You can think of many more stories, but every sane person understands that if they contained at least a grain of truth, they would have long been in the media and the courts.

It is important and relevant to emphasize that following the deceptive and defamatory reportage, we filed a libel suit against journalist Gur Megido and the public broadcaster Kaan. Since then, in order to get out of the legal difficulties that he is facing, Gur Megido devoted much of his time to setting up an “investigation” of the activities of our association, allocating hundreds of thousands of shekels of taxpayers’ funds for this.

The result of this more than six-month long “investigation” is a set of fictions and false libel, partly already disproved in court. They are submitted by interested “presenters,” who for years have been doing their best to harm the association and publicly tarnish it. Some of the characters appearing in the report were removed from the association’s activities because of their unacceptable and non-normative behavior, which in some cases was even a criminal offense. According to the principles of Kabbalah, we consider it our duty to appeal in the court to make the truth public. We will continue to act in the same way in the future, including the case with this report.

Kabbalah teaches us that the path to general correction includes two opposites, the negative and the positive. Therefore, we are glad that our spiritual progress is also manifested in the resistance to Kabbalah, which the greatest Kabbalists encountered throughout history. Let’s hope that we will be able to use this resistance in order to further strengthen the spread of the wisdom of Kabbalah in Israel and in the world.

At the same time, as an organization that proclaims a “one family” as its main value, we regret that we are compelled to participate in such conflicts.

We will be glad to receive feedback from all our friends and together we will continue our work with openness and transparency, moving along the chosen path with an open heart and a head held high.
Kabbalah La’am

Desire: The Engine of History

laitman_278.01Question: Having read your book The Destinies of Humanity, (Судьбы человечества) written with co-author V. Hachaturyan, I gasped with delight: How clearly you laid out the forces in the development of world history! But to this day, my friends don’t believe that history is propelled by individual desire. How can I explain this to them?

Answer: There are two forces in creation: the Light and its opposite, desire. Light is the force of bestowal, love, and fulfillment. The opposing substance is the desire to receive.

Aside from these two constituents, nothing else exists! Everything else comes from the juxtaposition of these two forces and exists between them: the world, world history, anything you can name.

No matter what we construct or create, it all consists of two opposing forces: electron and positron, plus and minus, north and south, etc. These two forces exist within everything that is created, depending on what level and to what degree they interact with each other. The correct use of both forces, in principle, brings comfort, health, etc.

The Creator is called the force of bestowal, the created being is the force of reception. An individual consists of both forces. Moreover, the force of the Creator acts as enlivening force because the desire to receive (created being) is completely dead, as ash, devoid of any signs of life. But, gradually, as the quality of bestowal enters it, everything then comes into existence from him. This is exactly how the universe, and everything within it, came into being.

Kabbalah investigates both forces on all levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. Higher than the level “human,” that is, the spiritual human, nothing exists. When you begin to enter the material and feel the interaction of both forces, you discover absolutely all possibilities of attainment: you see where everything comes from and world history is then understood.

In everything, Kabbalists see all possible combinations of both forces. Any form, any appearance, all forces of nature exist as one against the other. There is no force that acts on its own, there is always something opposing it. Not one force manifests as purely positive or only negative; this cannot be! They do not exist outside of their interaction with each other because otherwise, we would not sense them; they would not manifest. The desire to receive exists only because it is brought to life by the Creator’s desire to give, fulfill, satiate.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/16/17

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“The Sum Total Of The People Were Gathered, And The Tribes Of Israel Were Together”

laitman_933Torah, Deuteronomy, 33:03 – 33:05: Indeed, You showed love for peoples; all his holy ones are in Your hand, for they let themselves be centered at Your feet, bearing Your utterances. The Torah that Moses commanded us is a legacy for the congregation of Jacob. And He was King in Jeshurun, whenever the sum total of the people were gathered, and the tribes of Israel were together…

It is about uniting all the tribes into one common nation. Each tribe still exists separately according to its internal methodology and nature, and complements others to a complete common vessel. Therefore, although each of them is a perfect part, but perfection is achieved exactly in the connection between them. In this, they become similar to the Creator.

The number 12 comes from the three lines multiplied by the four-letter name of the Creator (HaVaYaH – Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey) in each line. This is why there are 12 tribes.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/6/17

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Why Does Nature Punish Us? Part 4

Laitman_703.04Question: How can relationships between people affect a volcano or an earthquake? Can an ocean find out that people on its shore have begun treating each other better and then it will calm down?

Answer: We all: inanimate nature, plants, animals, and humans belong to one system. Tsunamis and hurricanes are awakened by the same forces that are controlled by our thoughts and feelings. It is only that our mind and feelings are at a higher degree than the force that causes hurricanes. A hurricane is strong in quantity, and a person—in quality.

If we improve our relationships at the human degree by “ten grams”, getting closer to each other, then by this we weaken the hurricane at the lower degree not by ten grams, but by ten billion times. It will not cause any harm.

After all, this is one system, one level above another. We, at the human level, are at the qualitative level and the hurricane, at the inanimate level, is at the quantitative level. Its strength is in quantity, and ours is in quality, and therefore, human thought is capable of starting and stopping hurricanes. However, so far, we only start them.

Question: Can one hundred thousand people that stand on the shore stop an approaching hurricane with the force of a thought?

Answer: No. First, they do not need to stand on the ocean shore for this. The main thing is that we must reach connection and unity between us and balance the evil forces that we have with the good forces. Then at all degrees—inanimate, vegetative, and animate that are below us—balance will also be restored.

Question: Does it mean that the threat does not come from a stormy ocean, the earth that shakes beneath us, or an erupting volcano? Should we turn the force of our thoughts to them?

Answer: Not at all! We should pay attention only to ourselves, to correcting our attitudes to others. As much as this may seem fantastic, unrealistic, and unscientific, it works exactly this way.

We must learn to control our thoughts, desires, and intentions. After all, if we do not do this, then they automatically turn to the egoistic side, seeking to bring more benefit to us and more harm to others.

Question: What will the corrected person of the future be like?

Answer: The corrected person of the future will learn the skill of keeping an ideal balance with others so that he will not be above all, and they will not be above him, but they will all be friends, connected by good relationships. Thanks to this, all of nature will come to balance, and this will be called the Garden of Eden, paradise.

Question: What will people worry about when they wake up in the morning in such a Garden of Eden?

Answer: It is written that “the world acts according to its unchanging laws” and in life everything will be the same. But a person will take care of the balance between himself and all of nature, including all of humanity.

Question: Will this be a good life or will it be too boring?

Answer: Do not worry, you will have experiences, not from the problems, but from pleasant things. Instead of worrying about a call from the police, the doctor, or the school regarding your children, you will be touched by a good attitude toward you.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/10/17

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The Way From Chaos To Harmony, Part 4

737.01Question: When you look at nature, it seems that in it everyone tries to devour each other, but at the same time the whole complex of opposing forces in the end develops into complete harmony, which is called “life.” How does it happen that each individual brings disorder to nature, but nature as a whole is harmonious?

Answer: If we study laws by which the general system of nature operates, we see that they complement each other. Although the whole system is egoistic and is guided by very simple, primitive and abrupt principles, the overall process of its development is aimed at growth, self-attainment, and realization of evil. In the end, we need to understand in what kind of horrible egoism we exist.

From the selfish struggle, forces will grow for understanding, feeling, and realizing what we are doing and for what. Is it possible that our whole life will pass in fighting with each other, like cats that are driven to fight by blind instinct?

Gradually, all of nature—inanimate, vegetative, animate, and especially human—are approaching the realization of evil. We begin to disclose that our nature is bad and it shows us such a life only in order for us to understand what we need to correct in ourselves.

Question: The purpose of disorder is to show us how to move forward to order?

Answer: The world exists and is ruled by complete harmony. Disorder is created in our perception artificially because “Everyone judges according to his own flaws.” We look at the world and see disorder. But as soon as we stop watching it, it immediately turns into the world of Infinity.

The moment I look at the world, I immediately spoil it with my properties. It turns out that due to gradual development, I come to the realization of the fact that I need to correct myself.

Question: It turns out that we look at the world as through broken glasses and, therefore, see it broken?

Answer: We do not see the right connections between all parts of reality; therefore, it seems chaotic to us. In fact, the world is absolutely perfect.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/24/17

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/19/17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on Topic: “The Hardening of the Heart at the Entrance to Ibur (Conception),” (Prep for Convention in Arava) 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Peace,” “Clarification of the Phrase from the Mishnah: “Everything Is in Deposit, and a Fortress Spreads Over All of Life”

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