The Creator And The Created Being—Light And Desire

laitman_617In the spiritual world there is no time, space, or motion. Definitions and states characteristic of our world are irrelevant.

The spiritual world consists of only two components: Light and matter (desire). We cannot say anything about the Light; it is in a state of absolute rest because it does not change and it has no desire except to fill the created being, which receives as much as necessary. And therefore we have nothing to say about the Light; it is ready for anything, open to creation.

There is nothing in the Light except for the desire to permanently bestow upon the created being.

The Light is ready for this and the created being must reach an equivalence of form with the Light in order to get closer and to receive it. The created being undergoes different states because great changes take place in the desire and in the intentions, which are its essence.

In the first state, the created being wants to receive everything from the Light. Then he discovers that he cannot continue like that and decides to bestow to the Light because he feels distant and opposite from it when he only receives, which makes him feel shame.

But what can he bestow in order to resemble the Light? Nothing. Therefore, he restricts himself, which is called the first restriction.

Now the created being can use the fact that the Light wants to fill him to the extent that he can think about his bestowal unto the Light. To the extent that the created being bestows unto the Light (P1), the Light fills him, and although the Light is first, it becomes dependent on the created being (P2).

In the state P1, it is the intention of the created being that actually determines everything.

To the degree that the created being can resemble the Light with the intention to bestow unto the Light, the Light can fill him and a special form of closeness called adhesion is built between them.

This is the state that should be reached. It is everything. The created being should totally transform itself into the intention that the Creator will fill it with Light only in order to bring Him pleasure. It looks up to the Creator and gives itself to Him loyally: He wants to fill me and I want to be filled by Him, and I only take into account what brings the Creator pleasure: that He fulfills me.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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