Rights To The Temple Mount

3Question: There was a very tense situation last week in Israel, especially in Jerusalem in connection with the Temple Mount. Do you see this situation moving toward a positive resolution or will it end catastrophically?

Answer: Naturally, in the end, all will be well, but by which route are we going to come to this happy ending: by the route of suffering or without it? It all depends on the nation of Israel. Unfortunately, judging by the behavior of the entire nation in Israel and abroad, there are no signs that the process is going along the positive route.

We are trying to broadly disseminate the methodology of correction and calling on the nation of Israel to use this resource to bring correction to the entire world. But if the nation does not awaken to this call, then the correction will not go according to the way of the light but rather by the way of suffering. And unfortunately that is what is happening now. That is why we see the unrest on the Temple Mount and police involvement.

Day after day, a very complex ideological war is being waged and the entire world is ready to accept the infamous lie that neither the Temple Mount nor the caves with the graves of our patriarchs in Hebron belong to the Jewish people. If not, then who do they belong to? But the truth is not important to anyone—what is important is what benefits egoism in any given moment.

It seems as though the nation of Israel does not want to accept the truth and acknowledge its responsibility to work toward bestowal and to teach it to the entire world, bringing the entire world to correction. It resists its mission, thinking that the truth lies in following the Torah and the commandments in a material form or maybe in not following anything at all. Accordingly, all this results in our condition becoming increasingly worse from day to day.

And it will continue to get worse and worse until we finally understand that we must correct ourselves first and then the entire world, as the head and the body. Because Israel is called “the head is mine” (Li Rosh) and all the rest of the nations of the world are the body of the collective soul, then all will eventually unite in one corrected humanity, working for bestowal in collective unity.

In the worst case scenario, terrible misfortune awaits us. Baal HaSulam warned us that we may be exiled from this land again if we are not able to turn it into the genuine “Land of Israel” (rather than bringing with us the same state of exile in which we existed among the nations of the world). Even now, we continue to peddle their culture and their relationship to life.

Based on this, it seems that we do not have the right to exist on this land because we are no different than anyone else. In fact, quite the opposite: it is as if we “desecrate” this holy place with our existence.

We do not have the right to rise to the spiritual “Temple Mount” because that can only happen when we are all united and in adhesion with the Creator. And this is why we see that the nations of the world do not permit us to enter the material Temple Mount because the material world is a projection of the spiritual world.

Until the time when we correct ourselves—even to a minimal degree—to resemble the Temple Mount and the temple, which represent our unity, we will continue to see in the external, material world all kinds of conflict and problems.

And the entire world will agree with the Arabs that neither the Torah nor the Temple Mount nor Jerusalem and not even Tel Aviv and the entire land of Israel belong to us.

It is not in vain that they call themselves Palestinians and not Arabs; they want to present themselves as an ostensibly ancient nation that was always on this land. And the entire world will believe them. And we have no one to blame for this because we ourselves created the condition in which Arabs rise and we fall. We create this situation with our own hands.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/28/17, Lesson on the Topic: “On the Merit of the Study of Kabbalah, Israel Will Come Out of Exile”

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