Humor, Defense Against Worries

Laitman_191Nowadays people need a very strong defense system against negative, mental influences. In fact, today there is a powerful source of threats and harassment; it’s our environment.

What do they show us on TV? In Africa, they suffer from hunger and very soon they will fall on Europe. In high school a student was beaten, one shot another to death.

Looking at this world, you can go crazy. This kind of news is given to a person before he goes to sleep so that he freed from stress and rests well! There is nothing more unnatural than that.

I can give an example from my teacher, Rav Baruch Ashlag. He would listen only to the first minute of the news to hear if anything important happened and the rest wouldn’t interest him. He loved humor, a good joke when combining opposites would suddenly turn into something funny. When he was told jokes, he was happy because from that a person rests.

We are always under pressure from problems that have no solutions, and the joke usually has an unsolvable problem, that by an unexpected turn is resolved. I think in addition to the environment, it can be a good means against worry and anxiety.

I fill my desire with humor and not with worries and threats. When I am no longer able to study, but still don’t need to go to sleep, then I like to hear or see something pleasant. In general, a nature film or a really funny comedy, appropriate humor.

I don’t think that by doing this I give the impression of being a frivolous person since all the news, the fears, and pressures are created by someone on purpose to affect us. And the more energy he puts in it, the more he attracts attention to himself, and later uses it for self-promotion. Why do I have to depend on it?

If it really were something interesting, essential, and crucial to life, like a tsunami, volcanic eruption, or real economic difficulties, that’s another matter. But 99% of the news, if not 100% we receive from irresponsible people, that apart from their profit have no other interest. Thus we must filter everything that comes from the general environment in order to not cause ourselves unnecessary worries and anxieties.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/21/14

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