The Habit Of Fearing

Laitman_002Question: To some extent we all feel concern and worry with regard to different aspects of our life. Why is it that a natural thing like life suddenly becomes a source of worry and concern?

Answer: I don’t agree with the idea that life is a natural process free of worries and concerns. In the animate world that we are part of worry and concern are the main things in life.

Animals constantly worry about their existence, their nest, their offspring, their pack. Their whole life is a struggle to survive. Who can even think about pleasure? We, on the other hand, think that a bird sitting on a tree chirps because it is peaceful and feels good.

We don’t understand life at all. Our ego is constantly growing and developing in us so that by using it we will attain the level of the speaking, of man who resembles the general integral nature. We, on the other hand, want to enjoy at its expense, filling it, and if possible, reducing our worries and concerns, which is totally opposite from the plan of creation.

Question: How can we balance our worries and concerns in this world so that I will be able to overcome them and use them in order to advance correctly?

Answer: No created being is free of the feeling of worry and concern. Otherwise he wouldn’t be a created being. A created being is a desire to receive, a desire to be full. It cannot be that I will feel like Faust and say that I have reached the peak of my pleasure and therefore there is nothing more I need in life. Anxiety is my permanent state and it never ceases.

The question is how to give everyone in society the support so that everyone will feel balanced. This means that a person has worries and anxieties, but on a level that he controls himself, and doesn’t say that he can’t manage, thus falling into the hands of the society so that they will help him or be so indifferent that he lives on the streets like many people do these days.

A person should have enough worry to sustain himself: to have a family, to bring up his kids and to help them in life, as has always been the case in every generation. On the other hand, he should feel relatively secure, comfortable, and good, which means at a certain neutral point that sustains him.

At the moment we subconsciously fear, since we are used to it. A person is constantly thrown from one extreme point to another. He  doesn’t want to hear about society and is ready to escape to some desert island, or takes a weapon and shoots in every direction.

In the past, the events on a neighboring street didn’t concern us, but today I am concerned about what happens on the other side of the world, since it depends on me, refers to me, and affects me! This is where the root of the problems is.

The solution is in the society. A person is totally influenced by society and we should therefore organize society in a way that instead of TV programs and other artificial expressions of fear that threaten us, a person will simply live in society. It isn’t about concealing the truth from a person or cutting him off from life and not telling them anything bad. He should listen to the news, but it should be presented properly and sufficiently.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/21/14

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