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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we say that a linear, individual problem solving method (for example, finding a solution for drug addiction) amounts to the further growth of this phenomenon?

Answer: Yes, we can. These problems will continue expanding since our egoism continues unfolding. If we don’t involve people into altruistic interaction, they won’t even know what to do with themselves and will feel as if they are being totally torn apart.

That’s why various problems such as drug addiction, terrorism, suicides, and so on will become regular phenomena. People have to do something with themselves, but they don’t know what exactly they should be doing. So, these problems will only grow. The only thing we can do is to teach everybody how to enter a new integral sphere of nature.

First, people have to learn how to organize themselves in a small integral environment. Then, they will feel that it makes them so much more comfortable when they are going through various unfortunate situations, such as family issues, social problems, and so on.

People will feel safer and more confident. They will even feel that the world they are connected with becomes much friendlier to them, not to others but to them particularly.

Individual self-regulation starts taking place, a homeostasis that fills us with completely different feelings, sensations, and potentials.
From a Talk on Integral Education, 4/2/13

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