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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Contemporary social sciences don’t provide suitable terms for defining our next state, when we all become connected. What’s the way of conveying this phenomenon through the scientific language?

Answer: You shouldn’t use old terms since they will be understood conventionally. Here, we have a chance to “shine” and develop a new language.

Question: What can be “new” except integrity? Scientists have a hard time understanding the terms “integrity” and “commonality” since they sound rather abstract to them.

Answer: Back in Soviet times, I used to constantly hear the word “commonality.” It’s a very adequate word! We gradually rise to benevolent good connection between us, reciprocal inclusion into each other, merging and establishing contacts that allow us to make one big picture (a mosaic) comprised of each of us. Every one in this mosaic is a separate part preoccupied with how to match with the “protrusions and concavities” of others, how to complete others correctly.

Perhaps “integrality” is too abstract of a notion. On other hand, “inter” and “enter” are prefixes that are used on a constant basis; we just have to get used to them. “Integrality” can be replaced by some other words. I am using it because it seems to me that it defines very well the upcoming state that the world will be in soon.

Question: The main disparagement brought up by the scientists is as follows: “How can a psychological state of mind lead to financial well-being or to the disappearance of diseases?”

Answer: Let’s refer to statistics. Where does financial instability come from? Isn’t it originated by our egoism? Aren’t all banks usurped by a small elite group that “gobbles up” everything and yet doesn’t take good advantage of what they have? All “greenery” that they collect just deteriorates.

Why is our healthcare the way it is? It’s because it’s much more profitable to sell medications and create diagnostic devices than to cure illnesses. It allows selling more medications, thus generating more profits. In other words, even the healthcare system is just about increasing somebody’s profits.

Should we even mention the education system? It’s a complete failure. The same applies to family values, upbringing children, arts, culture, etc.

When scientists study all spheres of our life and explore many social phenomena, they see that the cause of negativity is human egoism. It spoils everything. Have a look at our culture or science! It has nothing to do with science anymore; rather, it’s a source of finances. Nowadays, everything is for sale and purchase.

In other words, egoism consumes everything there is in all countries, all over the world.… Everything is subject to “cutting” and “sawing.” Isn’t it clear that we have to correct ourselves rather than the external world?

And what can be corrected in the surrounding world?Something that we’ve managed to distort? But then again, we don’t know how to approach these issues since we lack these sensations and don’t know how to fix things. Let’s try to “repair” ecology. It will take us forever since so much has been already destroyed. Where shall we start? Where shall we get money? Who will give it to us? Who will allow us to act? Who cares? “I’ll die tomorrow, but I am still alive today…”—this is how our egoism works.

We will never be able to correct what has been already damaged unless people start regarding themselves differently and see the entire world from a different angle: through integrity, reciprocity, harmony, consideration, and at least some elements of complicity. This explains why the world continues to roll downhill. That’s why integral education is our foremost and most urgent task.
From a Talk on Integral Education 4/2/13

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