The Rapid Growth Of The Ego In Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Psychologists claim that 20 to 30 percent of the people living in our society are categorized as mentally ill. They are not a special threat to society and are not harmful, and so they can live among us. What does this phenomenon mean?

Answer: We all know that people who need to concentrate in order to solve difficult problems or to perform dangerous missions undergo special training. They practice under special conditions and according to a special program. When they have carried out their mission, they are allowed to rest so that they can restore their powers and get back to normal life.

We, on the other hand, are in a constant race for survival all our life. A worrisome reaction sinks into our subconscious and penetrates different systems, is processed and kept in our memory. This relates to everything that comes from the environment and thus our natural systems cannot cope with such so many problems that continue to get deeper and wider in scope.

Comment: At the same time, we claim that the society is more developed and more cultured.

Answer: Our society has become worse and more egoistic. It is especially evident among children. In kindergarten children are already competitive. At the age of three or four they are as mentally developed as eight or nine-year-old children were in the past. If in the past a child needed the company of his peers at the age of six or seven, today kids play with each other at the age of two or three.

They already have social skills and habits and they begin to compete and to adopt the desires of others, not to mention what goes on in school. In the classrooms, there is the class queen and the class hero and those who are popular and those who are rejected. This didn’t exist 40 or 50 years ago when kids were much more naive.

Such phenomena are a result of the influence of television and the movie industry. It seems that kids today are used to it, but in fact they are under great internal emotional pressure and monstrous feelings, starting from kindergarten.

Question: What can we do about it?

Answer: Look at what psychologists do. They gather people in small groups so that the participants will mutually support one another. By this mutual effect, they establish a protective wall behind which they exist. People come like frightened animals and unite into a group by holding on to one another. Then they feel that they are safer

We establish a society that serves as a wall for everyone who is incorporated in it by holding lectures, workshops, and discussions at roundtables. In this society, we not only find protection, but also a positive influence.

Question: Our whole life seems to be an endless competition, a continuous chase, that we cannot escape. Can there be positive competitions and how can we fulfill this?

Answer: The ego pushes us to compete, but society is dependent on how we fulfill these competitions. We don’t need to destroy any natural inclination that we have. Compete with one another as to who helps others more, who loves, smiles, and makes others feel good. Everything depends on the ability of society to see certain values as higher than others. Competitive sports are also a good idea.

We have to think of how to fill these inclinations and not just let a person manage them by himself. The whole game industry can still be relevant, but in a healthy manner. The inclination to gamble and look for adventures is natural and stems from our animate level to hunt and bring home prey.

Therefore, we should allow people to compete with each other and to participate in games, but these should be beneficial games. This is the essence.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/21/14

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