The Principle Of Dissemination

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Midrash Gadol tells us that Moses passed on the Godly reproof and instructions to the people. First he taught his brother Aaron privately, taking into account his high level of understanding.

Then he invited the sons of Aaron, and in the presence of their father, began to explain the Torah to them on a level that they could grasp. The elders joined them, followed by the men, and finally the whole nation of Israel, including the women and the children.

How does the descent to the people, when it is already possible to tell all of them about the Kabbalistic method, take place?

Answer: Considering the organization of our group and our pace of advancement, we see that it has been many years before we began to actually understand and feel the inner material, to speak about the meaning of unity and connection, and how it should be fulfilled among us and how it should be fulfilled among the masses.

Now we begin to gradually organize discussion circles among the people and to explain why connection and unity are the answers to all our problems. This is the idea of our dissemination.

People who have a point in the heart, like Aaron, his sons, and the elders can reveal a relatively deep meaning of the spiritual method.

Men (Gever – from the Hebrew word to overcome), which means those who can overcome their ego, can be taught a bit less.

It is only afterward that the people can be approached: the women, the elderly, and the children (which are all spiritual categories of people on different levels of development), those who cannot seriously work on themselves. But thanks to their mass and by joining all the other levels of society that are already corrected, it can be explained them so that they will also receive the Light of correction and become holy.

This means that the spiritual advancement is from the top down according to a pyramid hierarchy. First Aaron is taught, then his children, the elders, the men, and the rest of the people. Then all the layers of society work together.

It is impossible to develop a broad range of training without an increasingly deeper and tighter connection with the previous inner circles. Therefore, Moses and Aaron need to constantly increase and intensify the connection. not only between themselves, but also with the elders and the men, so that they will have the power to work with the people.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/26/14

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