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Love Is Nothing More Than Harmony, A Mutual Balance Of Plus And Minus

laitman_940If we talk about love between friends in a group, then it seems to us that this is something artificial, unnecessary, unpleasant, and unattainable. But in fact, it is only the realization of the basic law of nature. The word “love” is just a little bit corrupted in our time.

In fact, if no one annihilates anything, but wants to supplement, reaching a complement in the group between opposing properties that come from a single root existing in nature, we understand that this is what is called harmony, love, mutual conjoining, and no other state can exist.

Therefore, a single person can do nothing. Alone, a person cannot attain the upper world and attain the world’s operating system because he does not have a corresponding state inside, he does not participate in this system. He must create such a detector in himself—the organ of perception of the upper world. And it is necessary to unite in ten for this.

Our connection is based on the fact that you have a minus, I have a plus, another person has a plus, still another one has a minus, and so on, and in a crisscross connection between us we form a network called a Kli, that is, a vessel for revealing the Creator. What does this mean—the Creator? The average, the common, what we achieve from the combination of opposites.

Therefore, we need to achieve the correct union between ourselves: not to destroy anything, not to suppress anything, but learn to use every property of any member of the group—from the worst to the best. They all have the same right to exist.
From the Convention In Vilnius “From Chaos to Harmony,” Day One 11/3/17, Lesson 1

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Tens In The Time Of Moses

laitman_934Question: Abraham’s method was intended for several thousand people, while Moses’s method was intended for the people that needed to be organized in the correct form. Where did the tens, hundreds, and thousands start from? Did these tens consist of ten friends or also family?

Answer: The ten included ten men and ten women separately. In this division, the families were not taken into consideration.
From a Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/23/17

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 11/25/17


A happy #childhood requires harmonious collaboration between three generations. Then the child inherits family structure for life. We must return to the basics, but at a new level—so that modern children can truly be well off.

#Children suffer increasingly more due to the ego’s metamorphoses. The spirit of the time poisons the parents’ hearts with indifference. Yet, there’s nothing more important than our replacements. We must care for women, families, children together, at a truly global level.

There are spiritual descents that last minutes, but some last hours/days. It is the sensation of the Creator’s absense, as if he’s not in control of the world and your state. Rabbi Akiva recommended to outlast those states by “lowering your head, as if before great waves at sea.”

We are parts of an integral organism, and must turn harmoniously, like cogwheels in a mechanism. When there’s no #harmony, we feel them grinding… and cogs breaking.

The #spiritual cannot be perceived by our senses. The Creator’s search takes place in the right connection in a group, ten. The Creator has no image. We build him. If we find bestowal between us, we will reveal the Creator’s image. He exists in our correct interconnections.

When you truly wish to #connect with others to fulfill them, you will find the Creator, from Whom to take this fulfillment. As before you thought to take everything for yourself, now think how to pass everything from Creator to others. For the whole world to receive through you.

There’s no need to prove that the world is tumbling towards #disaster. And there’s no means to tame the evil, EGO, except the upper light (OM). Drawing its influence on the ego is only possible in a group (ten), with a united effort in ARVUT. This is the function of Bnei Baruch.

1st spiritual degree, embryo (GE, Ubar) is formed from my total dissolution in the group, like in upper degree (AHP). The group becomes a vessel (Kli), inside which I reveal the Creator (light of Nefesh from NaRaNHY). From there I keep growing—everything repeats with bigger ego.

#Unity is the new reality. We have no concept of it. It is a new material, its quality of bestowal not of this world. When you mingle with this quality, live in it, revealing a new dimension, you become like the Creator.

Thousands of people gathered in #Jerusalem to celebrate a holiday of the #Ethiopian Jewish community have taken part in the
Kabbalah for All event—circle discussions on strengthening the value of unity and oneness of our people. It was a celebration of unity for all!

From Twitter, 11/25/17

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Laziness: A Wonderful Quality

laitman_564Question: What is the spiritual root of laziness?

Answer: Laziness is a wonderful quality! I really advise you to be more lazy, you’ll do fewer stupid things. The fact is that laziness is the correct weighing of the degree of the necessity of an action.

Question: What if you have no strength, and therefore you are too lazy to do the necessary things, the important ones?

Answer: And then it actually becomes not that important or necessary. That is why it is written: “Better sit and do nothing.” Think, read, try to internalize it within yourself—that is the reason you were born, not to do so many physical actions that only pollute our world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/9/17

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Is It Possible To Change The Course Of History?

laitman_265Question: What impact does ignorance about the program of creation and reluctance to know it have on world history?

Answer: History is what is written on our bones. Therefore, if we want to be participants in world history, then we should understand how to interpret and how to change it.

We are the ones who write today’s history. I have an opportunity to attract the upper Light with the help of the group. It can raise me above egoism, and then I will start to feel what is called the upper world. This will be my story.

Only I can do this with myself, and no one can stop me, but they can help me. The ten or the group exist for this purpose.

Question: Can Kabbalists interfere in history or change it?

Answer: I can interfere in history only by spreading the Kabbalistic method, and if people become interested in it, they will also improve our state. Otherwise we can not influence anything. In Kabbalah, it is impossible to manipulate the forces of nature. There are only two forces of nature, and you can only manipulate them within yourself.

You can only act in one direction: becoming more like the Creator. In this way the upper Light will pass through you to Malchut, in which all of humanity is.

Question: Can we say that history is the plan of creation, its program?

Answer: Yes. It is a program of revealing the plan of creation to the creations.

Question: And is everything deterministic, meaning that nothing can be changed, except the future? That is, can I act only in the present in relation to the future?

Answer: You can act in the present to change it.

This is what the Kabbalists say. This is the only purpose of Kabbalah. It teaches how to go through the period from our time until the end of correction of the whole creation quickly and pleasantly.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/16/17

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New Life #916 – Am I Unique?

New Life #916 – Am I Unique?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


The ego of every person demands uniqueness because the Creator is unique. We compare ourselves with others, want to feel equal to or better than others, and want something of ourselves to remain after death. Our inherent uniqueness remains buried while it is under the control of the ego. It is only once we convert our desire to receive into a desire to love and give that we resemble the Creator and our true uniqueness is realized.
From KabTV’s “New Life #916 – Am I Unique?” 11/14/17

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/26/17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on Topic: “There’s None Else Besides Him,” (Prep for Convention in Arava 2017) 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Mutual Guarantee,” Item 20 

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