Love Is Nothing More Than Harmony, A Mutual Balance Of Plus And Minus

laitman_940If we talk about love between friends in a group, then it seems to us that this is something artificial, unnecessary, unpleasant, and unattainable. But in fact, it is only the realization of the basic law of nature. The word “love” is just a little bit corrupted in our time.

In fact, if no one annihilates anything, but wants to supplement, reaching a complement in the group between opposing properties that come from a single root existing in nature, we understand that this is what is called harmony, love, mutual conjoining, and no other state can exist.

Therefore, a single person can do nothing. Alone, a person cannot attain the upper world and attain the world’s operating system because he does not have a corresponding state inside, he does not participate in this system. He must create such a detector in himself—the organ of perception of the upper world. And it is necessary to unite in ten for this.

Our connection is based on the fact that you have a minus, I have a plus, another person has a plus, still another one has a minus, and so on, and in a crisscross connection between us we form a network called a Kli, that is, a vessel for revealing the Creator. What does this mean—the Creator? The average, the common, what we achieve from the combination of opposites.

Therefore, we need to achieve the correct union between ourselves: not to destroy anything, not to suppress anything, but learn to use every property of any member of the group—from the worst to the best. They all have the same right to exist.
From the Convention In Vilnius “From Chaos to Harmony,” Day One 11/3/17, Lesson 1

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  1. Дорогой друг, вы профессор и все ученики, я просто понимаю теперь, после почти десяти лет с вами всех, насколько вы важны, красивы и квалифицированы. Это, вероятно, очень эгоистичное заявление, и я извиняюсь за это. Но эй, какая удача, чтобы встретиться со всеми вами. , привет всем и вам, в частности, уважаемому профессору. Чудесные друзья.

  2. Interesting..Thank you.

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