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Who’s Controlling The World?

laitman_263Question from Facebook: How do you feel about the United States? Many say that the United States deserves catastrophes, so it is necessary and the quicker it is cleansed, the better for all.

Answer: I don’t myself concern myself with that because all that is in the world comes from one single force—the Creator. He controls everything: He raises and lowers different countries, peoples, and parts of the world; sends hurricanes and earthquakes; explodes nuclear reactors, etc.

That is how the upper control works, wanting to shake us up and bring us to order so that we wake up a little and stop being constantly submerged in our own foolishness.

Therefore, no one is to blame: not the Unites States, not Russia, no one. Everything is controlled by the Creator. It is written in Kabbalistic sources that the hearts of those controlling the world are in the hands of the Creator. That’s why I don’t have any particular opinion, neither critical or approving, not toward one particular system or toward a particular government.

I think that all of us together, like little children, need to sit down and begin to study the system of the upper management and only then will we understand how much we really need to do this.

And the first to sit down and really study this science should be those who are managing the world because they channel the actions of the Creator to the rest of us. I very much hope that they will listen to this advice and then, in understanding and compliance with the upper control, the world will be able to come to a state of calm.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 10/2/17

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“From Afar You Will See The Land, But You Will Not Come There”

laitman_740.03Torah, Deuteronomy, 32:48 – 32:52: And the Lord spoke to Moses on that very day, saying, Go up this Mount Avarim [to] Mount Nebo, which is in the land of Moab, that is facing Jericho, and see the Land of Canaan, which I am giving to the children of Israel as a possession, and die on the mountain upon which you are climbing and be gathered to your people, just as your brother Aaron died on Mount Hor and was gathered to his people.

Because you betrayed Me in the midst of the children of Israel at the waters of Merivath Kadesh, [in] the desert of Zin, [and] because you did not sanctify Me in the midst of the children of Israel.

For from afar, you will see the land, but you will not come there, to the land I am giving the children of Israel.

It is surprising that Moses, who is the greatest righteous, the greatest man of the people living at that time, cannot enter the land of Israel. However, the people of Israel who are yet to do many evil actions of mutual accusation and hostility, of destruction and murder, can enter.

Moses must stay outside of Israel because this is his degree. He must accompany his people and see the land of Israel. And he sees it. By this, he as if corrects this land from the quality of Bina. Now the people of Israel, that is all other egoistic qualities, can start entering it, explore this land, these desires, and convert them to bestowal for the sake of the Creator.

Question: Why is it written here that this is the land of Canaan?

Answer: It will become the land of Israel once all the egoistic desires that cannot be corrected will be expelled from it, what is called the seven nations living there.

Once the Temple is built, all the land is distributed, egoism is mastered and together with it all egoistic desires subjugate to the twelve tribes, to the qualities and intentions for the sake of the Creator, then the land of Canaan will become the land of Israel (Isra-El means straight to the Creator).

Question: Why will Moses not enter this land? Is it because he has sinned with Aaron?

Answer: It is written in The Book of Zohar and in other Kabbalistic sources that Moses supposedly had an opportunity to act differently, to gradually attract the quality of bestowal to the quality of reception in a different way, but this was not done.

However, in principle, Moses cannot enter the land of Israel because he represents the quality of complete bestowal and love that will be achieved only at the very end of correction. The revelation of this quality should gradually take place in the children of Israel, in individual desires.

Question: It is written, “There was no other prophet who arose in Israel like Moses.” Is he waiting for us, when we reach his one hundred and twentieth degree, in order to rise together with us to the remaining five degrees?

Answer: Many righteous are waiting for us there.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/1/17

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Is It Possible To Avoid Suffering?

laitman_567.01Question: If we could experience the suffering that people experience during natural disasters or wars, would we have the possibility of choosing our path more correctly?

Answer: No, in this case, a person simply obeys and submits to blows; this is not choice. Nature is specifically interested in the conscious choice of the next level of development; otherwise, it is not human choice.

The transition from the still to the vegetative level and from the vegetative to the animate level happens under the influence of the blows of nature, and a person in our world is a result of that development.

Presently it is up to us to move consciously to the next level, the level of speaking in a completely different manner, and therefore, the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah comes to us in the form of a system of information. Because precisely after the developmental states of still, vegetative, and animate (where we are today), there is a conscious tendency in us to rise above the personal self.

We are in an intermediary state. For example, between the level of the still and the vegetative there is the intermediary stage called corals, between the level of the vegetative and the animate there is the level of the “dog of the field,” and between the level of the animate and Adam there is the level of the ape. So between the level of the Adam of our world and the level of the Adam in the upper world there is the Kabbalist.

A Kabbalist is a person who, on one hand, includes within himself the beastly properties of this world that are characteristic of a person in our world and, on the other hand, the characteristics of the next levels of the upper world.

The ascent of a Kabbalist to the upper world doesn’t happen under the influence of the instinctive forces of nature; it happens consciously. Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us about freedom of choice, work in a group, and how to create a special state within and around us for the purpose of being changed.

Apparently by ourselves, we take ourselves out of a state in which the ego manages us and we rise to the next level in which we balance the ego through the good force that is revealed in us opposite to the ego. In this way, we exist with two forces, both a negative egoistic force and a positive altruistic force.

In the nature of our world, the altruistic force doesn’t exist, so we must attract it. And then we exist in the connection, in the balance of these two forces. This will be our next state called the middle line.

I hope that we will consciously, using freewill, come to the right decision, and that we will reach this state without world wars.

Question: If we make the right choice, will we avoid an apocalypse and natural disasters?

Answer: Yes, this is so even if at least a small part of humanity will understand that the only way to prevent natural disasters is to follow the method that is given to us in the wisdom of Kabbalah. We need to recognize that there is no other way out.

Question: What is the reason for giving blows to humanity if this is not useful for development anyway?

Answer: The accumulation of suffering brings humanity to a state in which it, nevertheless, begins to think about what to do, meaning that the sufferings balance the human ego.

For example, if a child doesn’t want to go to school, his parents begin to limit his pleasures: They take away his ball, after that his bicycle, and so on until they don’t leave him any choice but to agree to go to school.

But even in this situation, freedom of choice exists, the possibility of choice remains. We are always found under some limitation; choice is possible not only when there is unlimited freedom.

This is the manner in which the possibility to choose spirituality, between reward and punishment, exists in us. Therefore, it is our obligation to understand all the conditions and circumstances that bring us to the unique situation called “freedom.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/10/16

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Why Correct The Imaginary World?

laitman_423.02Question: Why should one be engaged in correcting this world? Why should one aspire to improve life, happiness, and goodness if according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, this entire world is an illusion and imaginary emptiness?

Answer: This illusion was given to us so that we would get rid of it! We do not correct this world, it does not need correction! Also, there is nothing to correct our existing in this situation in the world.

We must transcend this world, taking ourselves out of it to the next trajectory, to the next level, to the level of the upper world. This world is the most insignificant and darkest; there is nothing to correct in it; it exists only to transcend it.

Question: Is it possible to be happy in an imperfect world?

Answer: Such a thing is possible because it makes no difference whether the world is perfect or not; it is up to you to use it correctly to become a partner of the Creator, to give enjoyment to the Creator.

When you reach this state, you will see that basically there is nothing unfortunate in this world. For our system of perception, this is a paradox, but when we enter the sensation of the upper world, we begin to see that the only thing that exists in the world is the upper Light that fills everything; there never was anything and there have never been any problems or unhappiness in this world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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The Secret Of Happiness

laitman_939.02Question: The secret of happiness is the internal connection of the hearts into one whole, but what is the internal connection? How can you describe it? What should I yearn for?

Answer: Internal connection is possible only through the group. In a friends’ meeting, for example, you should imagine that you are in a corrected spiritual state. For this purpose meetings with friends are held to create this state inside you, to sculpt it, and to remain in it for a whole week until your next gathering.

The whole Kabbalistic method is aimed at recreating the proper structure of man, which means that everyone should connect wisely, emotionally, consciously, consistently, by trial and error, in an attempt to resemble the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 11/14/17


#Love cannot manifest in the absence of the opposite feeling—hatred. They can only exist concurrently, as per the rule “Love covers all transgressions.” However, this is only possible to the extent these qualities can be acquired by practicing Kabbalah.

#Kabbalah proposes a compromise between a “Nation’s right for self-determination” and “Preserving sovereignty”: 1. Independence of every nation with 2. Maintaining good connections between them. This is only possible with education, as Kabbalah proposes. The alternative is war.

Freewill is felt in the choice: to submit to the ego’s or the Creator’s rule? Always remaining in the state of choosing one’s path is where man develops spiritually, by attaining “There is none else besides Him.” #spirituality

The yearning for #purpose isn’t a dream or self-delusion, but self-programming, motivation that predetermines your future.

Freewill begins with us wanting to unite into a group with our points in the heart and searching: Where is our free choice? We want to establish a field of connections at the place of breaking. This field, made by our connections, is where freewill exists. #freedom

When we correct the state of breaking, we enter a new domain that has never existed in nature—the domain of our freewill. This is why it is critical for us to find this point of freedom, from where we can escape into a new dimension. #consciousness

Kabbalah explains that our world achieves complete #freedom and permissiveness so that everyone could make the conclusion that the right form of human #society is one of unity.

From Twitter, 11/14/17

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/15/17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic: “The Ten As an Embryo” (Preparation for Convention in Arava 2017)

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 174

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Peace,” “Necessity to Practice Caution With the Laws of Nature”

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