Who’s Controlling The World?

laitman_263Question from Facebook: How do you feel about the United States? Many say that the United States deserves catastrophes, so it is necessary and the quicker it is cleansed, the better for all.

Answer: I don’t myself concern myself with that because all that is in the world comes from one single force—the Creator. He controls everything: He raises and lowers different countries, peoples, and parts of the world; sends hurricanes and earthquakes; explodes nuclear reactors, etc.

That is how the upper control works, wanting to shake us up and bring us to order so that we wake up a little and stop being constantly submerged in our own foolishness.

Therefore, no one is to blame: not the Unites States, not Russia, no one. Everything is controlled by the Creator. It is written in Kabbalistic sources that the hearts of those controlling the world are in the hands of the Creator. That’s why I don’t have any particular opinion, neither critical or approving, not toward one particular system or toward a particular government.

I think that all of us together, like little children, need to sit down and begin to study the system of the upper management and only then will we understand how much we really need to do this.

And the first to sit down and really study this science should be those who are managing the world because they channel the actions of the Creator to the rest of us. I very much hope that they will listen to this advice and then, in understanding and compliance with the upper control, the world will be able to come to a state of calm.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 10/2/17

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