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My Thoughts On Twitter, 11/8/17


The three days of the World Kabbalah Conference in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, brought about a change in the hearts of hundreds of Europeans who came to experience what the wisdom of Kabbalah is about. #Kabbalah

The world of self-interest (#liberalism) has disintegrated. Kabbalah, O”M [Ohr Makif], can properly assemble it, in the mutual complement of its parts.

Kabbalah is the way to reveal the Creator. Rule 38: Never ask for the tests to be cut for they are sent from Above solely for your growth. #spiritualty

#Kabbalah is the way to reveal the Creator. Rule 39: Face all with gratitude, since it comes only from the Creator and for your progress.

Only after you have received the test correctly, from the Creator, think of an external reaction to whom the Creator has sent it through.

The #evil inclination, ego, is the Creator’s force. Reined in, it becomes an ally; so these 2 forces, good and evil, complete each other.

He who neutralizes #evil is a Hero, and who makes evil an ally is the greatest one. A demon becomes an angel, and both lead to the Creator.

The #world was constructed and shattered by the Creator. Pull all the conflicting parts together into the middle line within to reveal Him.

From Twitter, 11/8/17

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The Task Of The Creator

515.02Torah, Deuteronomy, 32:26 – 32:29: I said that I would make an end of them, eradicate their remembrance from mankind. Were it not that the enemy’s wrath was heaped up, lest their adversaries distort; lest they claim, “Our hand was triumphant! The Lord did none of this!” For they are a nation devoid of counsel, and they have no understanding. If they were wise, they would understand this; they would reflect upon their fate.

The task of the Creator is not to destroy humanity, but to bring it to the realization that ascent above our nature is a blessing, necessity, and an absolute freedom from the side of the Creator.

He must bring us to a very interesting, almost paradoxical state, where while being absolutely free and not being acted upon by some terrible states, we voluntarily choose the quality of bestowal and love. However, we do not see this. On the contrary, so far we are moving “toward happiness by the stick.”

But eventually under the influence of this stick, a person will realize his true nature and will say, “Even if I returned to the previous egoistic state, I would in no case want to remain in it! Thank God, I recognized the evil of my nature and now I am saying goodbye to it. Not because I felt bad being in it and I experienced great suffering, but because egoism is an evil in the relationship between me and other people, and between me and the Creator.”

Here is manifested the attainment of amazing height, perfection of the quality of bestowal and love. However, all this happens through great suffering. We see that people who experience such suffering, nevertheless, are themselves drawn to mercy because Light enters into them a little and gives them a taste for it.

It is written, “Were it not that the enemy’s wrath was heaped up, lest their adversaries distort; lest they claim, “Our hand was triumphant! The Lord did none of this!”” A person must see with his own eyes that everything that happened to him could not happen by itself (from the point of view of inanimate nature), but this is a controlled program that works on him and leads him to the realization of his source.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/1/17

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Workshop In A Circle And Practical Kabbalah – Part 4

laitman_527The Kabbalistic Meal

Question: What is special about the Kabbalistic meal?

Answer: The meal is the most difficult action in Kabbalah because during it a person must feel himself as being together with the others in a common connection and loving them. He wants everyone to enjoy the good tastes that he now experiences.

There should be such a common connection between them that a person enjoys, not the taste of food, but the fact that they eat together and that this is what fills him. The main taste is not in the treats themselves but in the fact that now we are filling each other with our mutual relationship, love, connection, and unity.

It turns out that, during the meal, a person experiences great inner tension. After all, he must constantly control with what intention he is taking every bite, putting the spoon into his mouth, chewing, swallowing, as well as feeling the tastes while chewing, swallowing, and digesting the food.

Thus, he is in the process of receiving the Light into his spiritual Kli (vessel), in connection with all the others because the spiritual consumption of food is common to all and not only to each one individually.

Therefore, each one must feel that he eats the food together with everybody else as one man with the same mouth, with one tongue, one palate, and one throat. He chews with 32 teeth, which means he clarifies 32 streams of wisdom (the Light of Hochma).

When he swallows, he feels not the taste of the food but the taste of performing the action together with everyone. He transforms this material action into the reception of Light into the spiritual Partzuf for the sake of bestowal. If he does so with respect to everyone, then he can also be sure that he does it together with the Creator. Therefore, a meal is a very difficult spiritual action and requires much higher attainment than a workshop or a gathering of friends.

All in all, there are three actions performed by a Kabbalistic group that aims toward unification: a workshop, a gathering of friends, and a meal.

The goal of all of these actions is to connect the person with the rest of the group so that he ceases to feel himself as a separate element, dissolves in the group, and becomes included in everyone as a whole. Thus, he loses his egoistic individuality and receives the entire common Kli, the quality of bestowal, that all the others also have.

He exits his egoism and becomes included in the friends, feeling that there is nothing but them. As he loses himself, he enters the spiritual world, the sensation of the Creator, that is, the elevation to another nature based on bestowal and love.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/20/17

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The Book Of Zohar, The Main Book Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

Laitman_065A person exists in the world in a certain volume where he is born, develops, and lives. During his lifetime, many questions may emerge in him, such as: What am I living for? What is the meaning of life? Is there a Creator? Could it be that the Creator is nature? Does life just go by and end?

We know that nothing happens in nature without a cause and that everything develops within a process of cause and effect, but we still do not understand what ultimately happens to us, what the reason of our existence is, and what the outcomes of our lives will be. When a person has such questions as these, he arrives at the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

The main book of the wisdom of Kabbalah is The Book of Zohar that describes all of the transformations a person undergoes and provides complete answers to all of the above questions. But The Book of Zohar should not be used as an ordinary guide in which a certain chapter engages in the meaning of life and another in the goal of creation. The Book of Zohar is not an encyclopedia. It was written according to a totally different principle. It is not an ordinary, scientific book although what it contains is absolutely scientific. It is based on a science that operates in a different way.

The science we know in our world fills and charges our brains and minds with various data that we can analyze and come to different conclusions about. But The Book of Zohar is studied in a different way. Studying The Book of Zohar has nothing to do with the intellectual level a person is on or may be on. It has nothing to do with filling the mind with different concepts and with questions as to whether a person can act according to these concepts. The Book of Zohar expands the framework of a person’s perception so that he can see much higher, wider, and deeper than in our world. A person receives knowledge of the upper force.

This information is initially perceived as a higher sensation from which a person begins to extract knowledge. It is like when children, on the level of our world, compare different experiences between them: I tried it, I did this, I got this; they accumulate information regarding cause and effect that helps them understand and attain our world. The same thing happens in the process of attaining and understanding the upper world. It is only through our practical work that we comprehend the management of our world and how our world affects the upper world, etc.

The Book of Zohar puts us in a special state. To the degree that the study is done properly, when I read it, and most importantly, how I read it correctly, a person prompts and summons a special Light upon himself, a force that expands the borders of his understanding, attainment, and feeling.

When a person feels, perceives, and attains these borders and compares all of the different data, new dimensions, levels, understandings, evaluations, and values of this totally different world inside himself, then a new science emerges inside him called the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is the science of the control system of our world because our world is based on a person’s sensations of oneself and the world around him.

When a person tries more and more to spur and summon the Light in order to reveal the upper world within himself, he feels it inside himself, attains it, and the connection between the two worlds becomes clear to him, that is, the connection between the world we are living in now and the world that is personally revealed to him. At the same time, he reaches a state whereby the two worlds exist in him with mutual cooperation and he operates between them.

At the same time, by using The Book of Zohar, a person begins to discover a tool for understanding new definitions, names, and feelings. Now he attains the world in two dimensions, beyond the frameworks of time, motion, and space. Most importantly, a person restores the connection with the upper force of management, mutually influence each other, and eventually become partners. The Book of Zohar enables us to achieve all of this.

This is the reason that a person begins to understand that the main thing is to spur and summon the upper force unto himself so that it will teach him more, fill him more, expand his horizons, and create totally different definitions and understandings within him. A person who exists in both our world and the upper world at the same time has to understand the connection between the two.

The Book of Zohar teaches a person how to manage his feelings and what the connection between the feelings associated with the upper world and the feelings associated with our world is.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/12/17

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Where Is The Truth?

Laitman_088Question from Facebook: Does somebody know what is true and what is not? How can it be determined if each person has his own subjective opinion?

Answer: On what are these subjective opinions of a person based? What does he know and understand in this world? He does not know anything from the day of his birth until the day of his death. He is always confused and barely exists, like the most miserable creature. He is more damaged, unprotected, and stupid than animals.

Comment: But you live in the country where each resident has his own opinion. This is what they say about Israel.

Answer: But what is it? If each one has his own opinion, it means that no one has a true one so there is no one to reckon with and no one to take into account. When each one has a different opinion, this is tantamount to zero. Thus, one can continue living with his own opinion.

Question: Where is the truth then?

Answer: The truth for a person and human society can only exist if we try to imagine human society in a form of a ball, completely closed, imbued only with the good forces of all concerning everything.

One single integral good force is the truth, and everyone who participates in it as much as possible with mind and heart understands and feels it from within. In other words, based on the feeling of commonality of absolute connection and love, one attains this truth. Only in this way it is possible to receive it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/7/17

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To Attain The Upper From Our World

laitman_427.02Comment: In original sources it is written,“There is not a blade of grass below that does not have an angel above that strikes it and tells it, ‘Grow!’”

Answer: It is actually so. Everything that occurs in our world, materializes according to specific direction and influence of the upper world.

But we are not able to trace these influences. We cannot say which root, which force of the upper world, influences our world and what specific effect this force wants to realize. We don’t see the upper world; we don’t understand its program, its influence on us.

From the lower world, the upper world can be attained only if we will gradually come to resemble the nature of the upper world; there is no other way. Until we understand the entire, complex, system of influence on us from above downward and reveal it from below upward, we will not attain anything.

The law of root and branch points to the fact that there is a connection between the upper root and the lower branch: in each atom, in each action, on all levels of inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human matter, in thoughts, in forces—in everything.

But we do not observe this connection and cannot say which root is the cause of which effect in our world or how we can make some kind of changes in the root from the effect in order to improve the end result and its impact on us. This is actually the subject of study for Kabbalists.

The science of Kabbalah studies this interaction and offers practical advice and techniques for how to bring oneself to congruence with the upper root so as to be able to affect it and receive from it a desired response.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 7/9/2017

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/8/17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic: “As Light Excels Over Darkness”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 155

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Peace,” “First Method: Nature”

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