My Thoughts On Twitter, 11/8/17


The three days of the World Kabbalah Conference in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, brought about a change in the hearts of hundreds of Europeans who came to experience what the wisdom of Kabbalah is about. #Kabbalah

The world of self-interest (#liberalism) has disintegrated. Kabbalah, O”M [Ohr Makif], can properly assemble it, in the mutual complement of its parts.

Kabbalah is the way to reveal the Creator. Rule 38: Never ask for the tests to be cut for they are sent from Above solely for your growth. #spiritualty

#Kabbalah is the way to reveal the Creator. Rule 39: Face all with gratitude, since it comes only from the Creator and for your progress.

Only after you have received the test correctly, from the Creator, think of an external reaction to whom the Creator has sent it through.

The #evil inclination, ego, is the Creator’s force. Reined in, it becomes an ally; so these 2 forces, good and evil, complete each other.

He who neutralizes #evil is a Hero, and who makes evil an ally is the greatest one. A demon becomes an angel, and both lead to the Creator.

The #world was constructed and shattered by the Creator. Pull all the conflicting parts together into the middle line within to reveal Him.

From Twitter, 11/8/17

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