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#Love cannot manifest in the absence of the opposite feeling—hatred. They can only exist concurrently, as per the rule “Love covers all transgressions.” However, this is only possible to the extent these qualities can be acquired by practicing Kabbalah.

#Kabbalah proposes a compromise between a “Nation’s right for self-determination” and “Preserving sovereignty”: 1. Independence of every nation with 2. Maintaining good connections between them. This is only possible with education, as Kabbalah proposes. The alternative is war.

Freewill is felt in the choice: to submit to the ego’s or the Creator’s rule? Always remaining in the state of choosing one’s path is where man develops spiritually, by attaining “There is none else besides Him.” #spirituality

The yearning for #purpose isn’t a dream or self-delusion, but self-programming, motivation that predetermines your future.

Freewill begins with us wanting to unite into a group with our points in the heart and searching: Where is our free choice? We want to establish a field of connections at the place of breaking. This field, made by our connections, is where freewill exists. #freedom

When we correct the state of breaking, we enter a new domain that has never existed in nature—the domain of our freewill. This is why it is critical for us to find this point of freedom, from where we can escape into a new dimension. #consciousness

Kabbalah explains that our world achieves complete #freedom and permissiveness so that everyone could make the conclusion that the right form of human #society is one of unity.

From Twitter, 11/14/17

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