Who Will Cross The Jordan?

laitman_740_02Torah, Deuteronomy 3:23 – 3:25: I entreated the Lord at that time, saying, “O Lord God, You have begun to show Your servant Your greatness and Your strong hand, for who is [like] God in heaven or on earth who can do as Your deeds and Your might? Pray let me cross over and see the good land that is on the other side of the Jordan, this good mountain and the Lebanon.”

Question: Moses had such a difficult path. He led his stiff-necked people out of Egypt and brought them to the land of Israel! Didn’t he deserve the right to enter it?

Answer: When spiritual qualities dress in people, and people speak on their behalf while representing them, it really looks dramatic.

Actually, Moses lives in every person. While going through spiritual states, a person raises a prayer, “Give me strength to continue remaking myself to full equivalence with the Creator in order to see the quality of love.”

But the quality called Moses in a person cannot cross this rubicon, that is, cannot cross the Jordan. The only thing that is within its power is to climb mount Nebo, to look from afar at the land of Israel, to perform a correction through its vision by looking around the entire land of Lebanon to the sands of Sinai, from mount Nebo to the west, and to the sea, and to bless it, meaning to pass all of its qualities to the next state, the next degree.

This way, the quality called Moses, which is in the greatest equivalence with the Creator, completes its work on this degree, and therefore it is said that it dies. The next two forces rise instead of it: Joshua and the people of Israel.

A new generation that was born in the desert under the command of Joshua goes to conquer the land of Israel. So, now it is necessary to begin new ideological problems and clarifications. But Moses has no relationship with it.

A war with the new egoistic level called “the land of Israel” isn’t a simple task. It is necessary to correct, to change, to exhaust, and to kill seven basic qualities, seven so-called nations that live in the land of Israel. Only once this big, ugly, and fat egoistic layer is corrected is it possible to build a temple, a vessel that will be filled in order to bestow.

Question: It turns out that herdsmen were going to the land of Israel, and ploughmen entered it, right?

Answer: Yes, now these qualities behave in a completely different way. They enter an absolutely different type of work, that is, work with the earth and work with the enemies. Nothing can be avoided. It is necessary to plow the land, kill the opponents, settle themselves in a certain order in all of the land, and restore the right laws. This allocation on a new spiritual degree is special, complicated work.

That is why Joshua, who accepted leadership from Moses, is a conqueror, and Moses is a teacher.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/10/16

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  1. why you always talk about moses and not noah?

  2. why did they say noah didnt pray for people but abraham did? it took a lot of time build that ark didnt it and how much effort did it cost if anyone could calculate? do you think a person can plan a thing by himself/herself? is it arrogance to think that way?

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