New Life #589 – Overcrowding In Classrooms

New Life #589 – Overcrowding In Classrooms
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


Even if the number of students in the classroom is reduced, the problems that are the essence of education will not be solved. The educational system is special because it can plant today the principles of life tomorrow.

We must give a child an education that will prepare him for the world of tomorrow. To do this, I must see the future. It is like when preparing for a flight to Mars all kinds of possible simulations are used; that is how we must prepare them for the future world.

The world is changing rapidly. We must give our children the tools today that will make it possible for them to deal with the future. The world is becoming increasingly connected. The mutual relationship between all the parts of nature, the still, vegetative, animate, and all people is being created. Our children need the tools that will make it possible for them to have the right connections with others and with nature and the ability to see everything as a whole picture.

This is very important in Israel because the world is expecting us to provide an example of the future form of connection. When children are connected, they understand each other, they will have a good connection so that they won’t feel a lack of space and overcrowding.

The schools must provide a “safety cushion” for our children in the form of preparation for life in the world of tomorrow. With an expanded view, it is possible to see that the entire Earth is becoming overcrowded. We must learn to connect as quickly as possible.

Even if the parents have lots of pressure and find a budget, in another few years they will find that the problems remain as they were. A person must leave school enriched and full of all kinds of information, with tools for life. The new education must impart the feeling that whoever is near me is there for my own good; they are my relatives and are loved by me. The relationship between the students, the guidance of the teachers, the classroom atmosphere, these are what determine everything.
From KabTV’s “New Life #589 – Overcrowding In Classrooms,” 6/23/15

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