Einstein And Kabbalists

Laitman_001_02Question: In what areas would you compare Einstein to the Kabbalists?

Answer: Einstein, like the Kabbalists as well, searched for a single equation of nature that would describe all of the processes in the world on all levels.

Kabbalists go further. They want to understand all of the processes not only with the intellect and those in our world, but of all of the rest of the worlds, together. Attaining them fully and becoming like these processes—meaning equivalence with the Creator, or if you will, God—this is indeed the goal of the creation of humanity. All of us must reach this level, understanding and attaining this in this incarnation or in future incarnations.

Like Einstein, the Kabbalists also think that the field—Light, the thought of creation, the Creator—is primary, and the bodies, the desires that appear, are secondary. So, the wisdom of Kabbalah is involved with a study of human desire itself and brings the person to a discovery of the field, the Light, the Creator, within him.

Einstein didn’t succeed in attaining this because he thought that it was possible to attain the formula using the intellect, whereas the wisdom of Kabbalah attains this through a change in human desire, meaning through matter.
From Lesson from June 17, 2016

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