Was Albert Einstein A Kabbalist?

Laitman_083Question: What’s your opinion about Albert Einstein, was he a great physicist, a philosopher, or maybe a Kabbalist?

Answer: I would say that Einstein is somewhat of a Kabbalist and that’s why he introduced the concept of relativity, more precisely  relative to the observer, a person, and thus introduced into science, into the world, the concept of the relativity of our perceptions, knowledge, and life.

It all depends on the observer from his or her properties—and this is exactly the Kabbalistic evaluation of man on the person himself with respect to the absolute, the Creator, the property of complete communication (bestowal of love), all the (opposite) parts, and the properties of nature.

And besides, everything we perceive is perceived by the person, in relation to the person, and as if what exists outside of a person doesn’t matter. The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about what we achieve, and so, specifically, it is the science and foundation of all sciences.

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