There Is No Neuter Gender In Nature

laitman_559Question: In Europe there are kindergartens where children aren’t differentiated by gender; they are called “it.” They believe that, with time, a child must determine his own sex. How is this possible in a civilized world?

Answer: I don’t know how it is possible to call a person “it” when nature has created a precise division into either “she” or “he.”

In Hebrew, there is no neuter. Hebrew is the language of the roots, and it comes from the higher system of management where a clear division exists between the masculine part and the feminine part. It is not possible to call something by a masculine name and then switch to a feminine name, and vice versa. So, the concept of “it” doesn’t exist in nature. There is only a male or female part, male or female property.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/6/16

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