What Do Scientists Lack?

Laitman_083Question: The greatest scientific discoveries took place under certain conditions. Can we say that a scientist receives a Masach (Screen) when he makes a discovery?

Answer: When a scientist makes a discovery, he receives a kind of second wind because he is burning with the desire to achieve.

Something is revealed to some extent to all of the great scientists, as well as to great writers, and the reason that they are so loyal to science or to literature is because they are in contact with what they call a muse or inspiration.

Question: How could it be that Isaac Newton, a true scientist, suddenly began to study the wisdom of Kabbalah and even wrote Kabbalistic texts?

Answer: Newton was not at all a typical scientist True scientists first appeared in the 18th century, starting from Michael Lomonosov onward. Until then, all of the scientists, including Newton, studied Latin and ancient Hebrew, as well as the Torah and the wisdom of Kabbalah. They respected and appreciated all of that.

A true researcher is someone who is attracted to nature, a person who is ready to carry out experiments on himself for the sake of science and even drink poison if necessary, as scientists did in the past. It is a spiritual ascent for them, but they lack the pure scientific mechanism that is found in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

A Kabbalist, on the other hand, discovers the path of the Upper Light. He is influenced by a special attribute, by a certain quality, and at the same, he undergoes changes according to a certain Reshimo (Reminiscence), which means according to certain initial data. Later, he undergoes spiritual states like Tzimtzum (Restriction), Masach, the growing of his Aviut (Coarseness), and so on.

Scientists don’t undergo these processes. Although their feelings change, it isn’t an accurate deterministic state, but rather an analog one.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/28/16

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