The Kabbalist Sir Isaac Newton

Laitman_083Question: The collection of Isaac Newton’s manuscripts in the national library in Jerusalem was recently included in UNESCO’s register, “Memory of the “World,” a list that preserves and provides access to treasures of spiritual value that contributed to humanity throughout history.

A history of 300 years preceded that. Newton died in 1727. He had no wife or children, and his manuscripts were passed on to his nephews who kept them at home. Newton’s relatives wanted to pass on his writings for scientific research, but university representatives refused to accept them.

Answer: Newton was a very special person. He was like Einstein in his day, and in addition, a deep researcher of nature. Newton was actually a serious Kabbalist and learned Hebrew especially for that purpose.

Question: In 1936, John Maynard Keynes bought Newton’s manuscripts. He read them a little and decided to keep away from them.

Answer: He was simply afraid to touch them and ruin Newton’s image as a materialist scientist.

Question: Later, the Tanakh scholar Abraham Shalom Yehuda bought the manuscripts. He showed them to Einstein, the latter said that this treasure should not be kept at home. It turned out that Newton devoted much of his time to studying Kabbalah in Hebrew. His manuscripts are encoded. He considered the Temple as a model of the structure of the universe and concluded that all of the corporeal laws are nothing compared to the greatness of the upper world, which we are facing, but don’t even realize it.

Answer: Newton is one of the special souls that attain the upper world and see the outcome of the spiritual roots in our world, of course. We are all controlled by the upper forces and they each influence and are expressed in our world. Therefore, by attaining the upper world, Newton described all of the corporeal laws from his level of attainment.

Question: Why didn’t he describe the upper level?

Answer: He didn’t know about the system; no one had taught him. All of his attainments were his own discoveries. However, he did write about our times, about the return of the Jews to Israel and about the reconstruction of the Temple.

Question: He did write that in 1880 the Jews would begin to return to the land of their fathers and that in the 1940’s there would be a terrible holocaust as a result of which millions would die and that it would lead to the foundation of the Jewish state.

Answer: This is indeed how it all happened, the return of the Jews at the end of the 19th century, the Holocaust, and then the foundation of the State of Israel.

Question: How seriously do you take Newton?

Answer: Newton was a Kabbalist. He was one of the special people who were really in contact with the upper world and through their attainment conveyed great corrections from the upper world into our world. We should understand that we know very little about such people, and what we do know isn’t really true and accurate. However, I think that we are nearing the time in which humanity has to ripen quickly and discover everything about the great Kabbalist Isaac Newton from the upper roots.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/21/16

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  1. Excellent! Any more details (e.g.: sources in his work or papers) about Newton’s kabbalism – orthodox or eccentric – would be greatly appreciated!

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