Why Do We Need Centuries Of Suffering?

Laitman_115_06Question: Why do we need a world history of ages of suffering and endless daily suffering of billions of people on the way to spiritual happiness?

Answer: We have to choose the way to ascend above our present situation by ourselves. We have to develop gradually, slowly, and consciously on each level in the egoistic state we are in, to begin to transform the egoistic state to the opposite altruistic state. Therefore, all the states we have been through until today during our whole egoistic development were essential. It is just like a small child who has to grow for 15-20 years before he becomes an adult and can manage independently.

You may ask why he needs that. It could have been much better if we were born wise, mature, and not in our egoism but in altruism, in love and bestowal, permanently connected between each other. If that were the case, people could not attain anything. We have already been through the phase in our development, called, Adam HaRishon (First Man), which means that it is the full schema of the connection between us in the best possible way called the Garden of Eden (Paradise).

What we call “Man” already existed in that state, which means that we were all connected and united. The point is that in that state we couldn’t discover anything except for our unconscious existence in the system of Adam HaRishon, who is therefore called an angel.

An angel is a beastly state, a spiritual beastly state. And we have to attain more, to reach similarity with the Creator. This means that we have to ascend from the level of an angel to the level of Man. Man, “Adam,” stems from the word “Domeh” (to resemble), to resemble the Creator, which is the level we have to ascend to.

We need to have the same thoughts and feelings as the Creator’s, which means that we have to overcome the gap between these two levels beast and man by ourselves. This is the reason we develop very slowly and painfully.  This is the level of development we are faced with.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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