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A happy #childhood requires harmonious collaboration between three generations. Then the child inherits family structure for life. We must return to the basics, but at a new level—so that modern children can truly be well off.

#Children suffer increasingly more due to the ego’s metamorphoses. The spirit of the time poisons the parents’ hearts with indifference. Yet, there’s nothing more important than our replacements. We must care for women, families, children together, at a truly global level.

There are spiritual descents that last minutes, but some last hours/days. It is the sensation of the Creator’s absense, as if he’s not in control of the world and your state. Rabbi Akiva recommended to outlast those states by “lowering your head, as if before great waves at sea.”

We are parts of an integral organism, and must turn harmoniously, like cogwheels in a mechanism. When there’s no #harmony, we feel them grinding… and cogs breaking.

The #spiritual cannot be perceived by our senses. The Creator’s search takes place in the right connection in a group, ten. The Creator has no image. We build him. If we find bestowal between us, we will reveal the Creator’s image. He exists in our correct interconnections.

When you truly wish to #connect with others to fulfill them, you will find the Creator, from Whom to take this fulfillment. As before you thought to take everything for yourself, now think how to pass everything from Creator to others. For the whole world to receive through you.

There’s no need to prove that the world is tumbling towards #disaster. And there’s no means to tame the evil, EGO, except the upper light (OM). Drawing its influence on the ego is only possible in a group (ten), with a united effort in ARVUT. This is the function of Bnei Baruch.

1st spiritual degree, embryo (GE, Ubar) is formed from my total dissolution in the group, like in upper degree (AHP). The group becomes a vessel (Kli), inside which I reveal the Creator (light of Nefesh from NaRaNHY). From there I keep growing—everything repeats with bigger ego.

#Unity is the new reality. We have no concept of it. It is a new material, its quality of bestowal not of this world. When you mingle with this quality, live in it, revealing a new dimension, you become like the Creator.

Thousands of people gathered in #Jerusalem to celebrate a holiday of the #Ethiopian Jewish community have taken part in the
Kabbalah for All event—circle discussions on strengthening the value of unity and oneness of our people. It was a celebration of unity for all!

From Twitter, 11/25/17

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