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The lower can only be studied from the upper. First, one must attain the upper roots, in their true #spiritual form, above our perceptions. Then one can study our world, realizing how the upper roots manifest in this world. (Baal HaSulam. The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah)

Desire to bestow—the Creator; desire to receive—the Creation. #Sensations in the desire to receive FOR ONESELF are called THIS WORLD. Sensations in the desire to receive FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS & CREATOR are the true reality—UPPER WORLD. The intention FOR WHOM changes everything!

The Creator is revealed to the extent that I conceal Him. I don’t attain Him, but my concealment of Him, my screen. Like the copying of his form. The Creator’s revelation is the revelation of my qualities that became like Him. Hence, the Creator is called Bore—Bo (come) and Re (see)

#Honor fills the ego and harms the soul to that measure. That is why Kabbalists who become famous are honored as a form of punishment. But then others arise who accuse them so that shame balances out the honor. Baal HaSulam. Shamati 181. Honor.

When one understands everything the Creator has done for him, he stops blaming Him for everything he hadn’t been able to justify, and feels tremendous #gratitude. Until then, he cannot understand the Creator’s governance, like a child cannot understand why he’s being scolded.

He who neutralizes #evil is a Hero. But he who turns evil into a helper is a Hero among heroes. The evil angel becomes good, and they both bring one to the Creator.

Where’s the #happiness gene? It exists above our egoistic nature. Kabbalah teaches how to ascend to it. Want to bestow to others but have nothing? You need the desire—the fulfillment will come to them through you from the Creator. In a corrected society, punishment is correction.

Why is the forbidden Kabbalah being revealed for all today? The level of society’s development determines the level of #knowledge revealed by nature. Having gone through egoistic development, mankind can understand that it can no longer develop without revealing life’s purpose.

My ego severs the forces connecting me to others. By canceling it, I restore that bond, like a surgeon sewing a severed body part back to the body, and then this part begins to feel the #SOUL—the sensation of connection, and the Creator who fills this connection.

#Mitzvah = action with an intention to bestow. 613 Mitzvot = By a Mitzvah, we evoke its light and fill the soul’s 613 parts with light of NRNHY. Torah, 620 Mitzvot = the soul’s 5 parts filled by 5 lights of Torah, NRNHY. The Torah is the same as the soul.

From Twitter, 11/22/17

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